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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Dont play the game

Young people are sent to war by older wise war mongers with lots of money and power. Young people are worked hard in there jobs for a pittance and pay there taxes to a corrupt government.
I worked all my life to get what. Kicked out on the scrap heap of life. I am not bitter. If I knew how different life would have been.
Live frugal with a small van so you are never homeless. Work when you have to and do the best you ever can.
Do not get caught up in the superannuation of life as you will be utterly disappointed. Millions of dollars for retirement at eighty comes with death duties or inheritance to go to the government.
I am at the age of retirement and all I need is a warm bed and food, a good book. What am I going to spend a million dollars on drugs sex and alcohol I don't think so.
Make your own rules good relationships are hard to come by and even harder to keep. People come and go in ones life just enjoy them whilst they are there. Inevitably they move on. Dogs are better than people but they die and it hurts. good luck with life.

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