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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Double standards

The Taliban are cruel to there people in many ways no doubt. The thing is they have different rules and laws to follow.  If in Australia you worked in accordance with Taliban rules it would not be tolerated because of our beliefs and expectations would not be meet, and this is fair enough.
 In Australia to do what is perceived to be done by the Taliban would not be tolerated.
Again fair enough.
Bulling is not tolerated here in Australia and we have laws to stop the perpetrators. I personally would not like the Taliban ways to be forced on me. I am lucky to have the privilege to speak out and I cherish this. If I were to carry on like some do.  Here in Australia I would be locked up branded as mentally unstable.
Yet we force ourselves on a race of people with many different ways and customs which we do not understand and will never understand.
Isn't a government going into a country with a big stick and demanding things change doing exactly what the Taliban are doing with many many deaths. If I were to kill someone who was bulling I would get locked up for years yet we let our leaders do the same bulling and they are hero's.
Please think about this and make up your own minds.
 Every 25 years we have a major war and our young people become cannon fodder Why because this is when the new generation are at a fighting age and the greedy Wiley old fox get to make more money and play with peoples lives. That's POWER.
This power is deeper than most people can even think.

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