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Friday, December 21, 2012

Tiny house war in Australia

   The battle positions are drawn!

There's me and a 200 square feet block of land in the town of Nowra with a shed not just any shed. Nowra's first fire station. The zoning is medium density for three dwellings with a height restriction of 8.5 meters. This land in council minutes must be joined to a neighboring lot.

The battle force I have to contend with is Local council and state government. These are broken up into battalions with the names of  Shoalhaven water who charge for sewer and water even though there is no tap or sewer connected. There generals demand that I make for them a new sewer line for me to connect with.

Then there is Town planning who like to whip anyone who does not like the status quo. They hold in there arsenal Building regulations,development applications,city ordinances,power to demand.

There main weaponry is the building codes and zoning.

Then there is the council lawyers this perverse bunch love to smack anyone who wants a fight.

Then there is the Rangers who patrol the streets looking for illegal dwellings.

After doing battle for several hours I fired off the first shots.

I told them I have moved into the shed in a tiny house on wheels on the 21 December 2012.

The way I figure existing use has valid rights and the house next door is medium density come to think of it the whole area is medium density. Move me then move everyone else.

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