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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cheep fuel

Ethanol is placed in fuels at a rate of 10% by volume. Ethanol is priced at about $.50/ liter
You buy 10 liters of fuel at $1.46 and you pay $14,60 for the fuel. Now one of those liters is ethanol valued at $.50 and you are charged $1.46 for a product which is way below the value of the normal petrol.
With normal petrol you press the accelerator less and stay in a higher gear for longer going up hills.
 Don't be duped buy your own ethanol at the cheaper rate and add it your self at a rate of nine liters to one ethanol.
I have posted before about LPG costing $3/ liter as opposed to $.78/liter because it is for a barbeque.
Talk about rip offs.
Let the experts tell me I am wrong I dare you.

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