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Monday, January 7, 2013

Fire risk

The last two days have been used up removing combustible materials from around the house. Talk about unwanted calls two from the emergency services today warning of hot dry windy conditions. Things that matter are cobwebs in the corners of building . Cobwebs are highly combustible and if left they track fire to the roof where there should be no leaf material as this is a source of fire entry to the house. I normally would block the downpipes and fill the gutters with water. Inspection has shown no leaves here to catch fire. It is a good idea to part fill the gutters as this extinguishes wind born embers. The place I live in in in the suburbs and there is a lot of houses between me and the bush. This is not a excuse for complacency as loosing one house to flood I do not want to loose another to fire. The temperature is about ten degrees higher outside. All the internal doors and blinds are closed to stop heat running threw the house increasing the internal ambient temperature. There is slight amount of smoke in the air and there is no wind, the quite before the storm. I have seen severe fire storms and they are a thing of terror. The dog needs to be tied up so I can get her if things go bad.
Things to do are fill my fire extinguishers get dust masks ready with goggles and leather gloves long sieve cotton shirt and water down the lawn areas if needed. I am not entirely ready as my fire fighting pump is not set up, too many moves in the last years. I will inspect areas for escape if needed and plan this in advance instead of by chance. I now sit and wait. Being relaxed is a must at these times knowing all has been done. With all the preparation nothing will happen and the fires might not even eventuate but if they do all hell breaks out.

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