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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Forensic Engineering

As an engineer for many years I have seen some bad things and they all have a reason for happening. There is a story behind every accident and the worst to prove is when people lie with truths added.
The worst case was a person I had in court for over ten years and the lies were blatant mixed with truth. I the end it was his lies that bought him undone in a big way.
 I complained to the DPP Department of Public Prosecutions.
Everyone likes a smooth ride and these people are no exception. This is one of the reasons accidents ( I prefer to call them incidents) happen.
Straight talking goes a long way forget the politics as this is another thing to get in the way.
Going back to the twin towers and 911 did the government know and assist with the murder of people. If you look back in American history the government poisoned people to reinforce the prohibition and blamed it on bad grog makers.  History repeats itself so is this the case again, I think so and would they kill me to silence me and the answer is yes.
Getting back to the post at hand you see from the above the lies cloud the facts and then theories then abound and then become mith in time. Did it happen yes will it happen again yes. Greed is a great motivator and I personally have a bit of greed in me like all the rest of you.
The thing is facts are facts for example water at room temperature is wet at high temperature and pressure it is dry and below zero it is solid these are facts. There are exceptions to these rules and involve temperature and pressure and some things I do not know about such as in a black hole.
An investigative engineer looks for clues ever so small or large. On one of my previous posts about building movements because the bolts were not done up. There was a heavy lift ship in Pt. Kembla harbor that rolled over and sank with the lost of life. Why? Lack of maintenance or incompetence or both I never did get to hear the result of that one.
The thing is the answers are there and if you look you will find them simple as that.
Foot note:- Lies mixed with truth are nearly impossible to disprove because of the lie content. Did 911 get blown up because of terrorists the answer is yes but the truth remains which ones.

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  1. Agree! Facts are always facts and it will remain a fact till proven.

    Forensic Engineering Consultants