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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Radium and lasers

What could I produce with Radium and a laser beam?
By beefing up a laser what can I get from the luminous paint found in watches. By splitting molecules and adding other materials from X rays and the like. Nothing like living on the edge. Add to this my research on Tesla coils. Then I could mix in some hallucinogens taken from my wife's medication. Talk about a scientific cocktail of materials. I found this radio active piece of material at a scrap yard once still in its box it contained uranium not shore what type but it was at the end of its life. I warned the workers not to break the box. Its amazing how much of this stuff is missing from the overall weight count waiting to be experimented with. Nuclear powered lawnmower, angel fish that blink in the dark.
Sorry just random thinking.   

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