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Sunday, March 31, 2013

older women

Women in there late forties and older are just a stroke of beauty and a bundle of health. Being single again I being a man just happen to notice these things. Generally there daughters are unfit and overweight and the poor old mum has to do everything for them. Yes it is a sad fact that the younger generation is fat lazy and aggressive. If you are on the poorer side of the tracks it is even worse. Now this is a plea for these younger women to lift there game and get on the side of life. As for there mums who have pride in themselves you look great.
Professor Iggle

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sun roofs

Sun roofs can be dangerous in a crash. I have personally have seen the damage to the head of a person who was cut up severely by one tn a crash.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

So you think you are insured

I paid my premiums like every one else and I falsely expected that I would be covered. Not in a million years are you and I going to be covered and for what. Lets go threw some terminology of the insurance industry.
Cover This is a word that means many things to the insured. Like if I loose everything I will get some money to replace it. No you wont for example that big flat screen tv you bought and it cost $8.000 the same thing to buy today is worth say $1000 yours is old so they depreciate it 10% per year. You have had it for 10 years now worth nothing.
Claim. This is something you never do or mention to an insurance company. What this will do is claim your health and your sanity this is really what a claim is, it claims you and the insurance company wants blood. YOURS, before they give any of your money back to you.
Life insurance is also fraught with dangers one being you are more valuable dead than alive, If you die of a terminal ill you get nothing. When you are dead you are terminally ill you died and you are not around to collect, What a farce.
I own a Honda civic and for the last year not one has ever been stolen according to the police statistics. But Holden Commodore heaps stolen with massive premiums after the first theft.
Do I need to say more, If you want to know what other words mean to an insurance company please drop a comment and I will give you the real definition.

Friday, March 15, 2013

How to sort out the bimbos

I have this method to remove the time wasters and bimbos from my browsing for friends on dating sites, One woman wanted to learn something new and that got the old brain working. How do you communicate with someone on an intellectual level who wants to learn something new.. Translator .它不做它完善,并且某一事在翻译丢失,但是它运作我amased在不会使用计算机寻找答复到问题tes它整理时间浪费者妇女的数量. See now you can use the translator button to read the middle of this blog.
The above before and after translation
It does not do it perfect and some thing is lost in the translation but it works I am amased at the number of women who do not know how to use a computer to look for answers to problems tes it sorts out the time wasters
When it has gone threw the process here is the result
It does not make it to improve, and some incident loses in the translation, but it will operate my amazed not to seek to answer that in the use of computer issue tes it will reorganize the quantity of time waster woman


I have been away again saving materials from a demolition site. Steel beams and heaps of wood some good lengths of 6"x5'' hard wood. Some of the beams are 5.5 meters long.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Amazing Tasmania

Taken from Australian government

Gun owners

If a politician was to be assassinated by a gun owner we would all know as a true gun owner would use a cricket bat. They would then ban cricket bats!
Baldwin of Balmain back in the 19 sixties was beaten up by an American with a base ball bat. Not to bright some Americans!

New life

I got a disturbing phone call tonight from Pam Txxxxx my wife she has been out of hospital for some time . She stated she is not coming back to live with me ever. Then she tries to tell me she still loves me I said that I am not interested any more. She has been in regular contact with Jim the drug dealer, Warren also a drug dealer who she went to live with last time she came out of hospital. Pamela told me later she had gone there. At the time I rang the hospital and they didn't know where she was. I demanded to know because they had lost her. I also told the hospital that I was taking special note for the coroner.
Some time after the call from Pamela tonight I rang Mirrabrook and spoke to Jamie from Mirrabrook Told to ring  42952546 spoke to Norbit at Eloura east then was told to rig 42952354 and spoke to Laura at mental health rehab. I got a bit irate as they have lost her again. I said to get someone out of bed to find her. I then said I was ringing the police and Laura said that was a good idea then I rang and spoke to Nowra police who are going to look into the matter.
Whats wrong with you people what is a Courtesy phone call to let the husband know his wife is leaving hospital..
She was on one occasion given the wrong drugs.
Your organization abducted Pamela on a previous occasion and was listed as a missing person then to be found at your hospital a week later.
You are incompetent and irresponsible and dangerous to patients and there families alike.
Your doctors treat people with a lie "Chemical imbalance in the brain" There is no such thing. You and every hospital in the world have never cured a patient of mental illness.
Your organization has now the full responsibility for Pamela's mental and physical safety as I now release all rights for this to you.
Yours angrily and pissed off,
Stewart Sxxxx

Now if any of you Chicky babes out there want a great lover drop me a comment best comment will be published with out names  Professor Iggle quack extraordinaire and eligible bachelor of the year..

Thursday, March 7, 2013

The new dsm

I got to thinking about the new diagnostic manual number five . If you live with people with mental illness then you become mentally ill. If this mental illness is contagious then the doctors who treat this illness must be mentally ill. If they have found a formula to stop mental illness then why do we not all enjoy the cure? I say to these mentally ill doctors of death stop practicing QUACKERY because you are sick.. Also I have not got any feed back about my open challenge on chemical imbalance in the brain. Or any challenge about me being a quack.The offer stands.

.Professor Iggle quack extraordinaire.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Here we go again

Whilst away fixing flood damaged house in Gundagai and then taking a break in Tasmania you will never guess what happened in Nowra at my house. "FLOOD" The rain came down and the creeks came up and a foot of water went threw my shed. The loss is immense with mig welder plasma cutter and remote submarine going a foot under water,not to mention all my hand tools in boxes. Then in the other shed there was new mowers edgers and whipper snipers,My engineering books model "O" guage train set and the like all receiving the same treatment. Most of my cordless tools were on the floor with cutoff grinding machine. The new cupboards holding the tools were of the kitchen type and the particle board is delaminating with the danger of the whole lot coming down on me. As Ned Kelly said "such is life" I say "bugger"
I am again insured with the same company as I was in Gundagai, How will they weasel out this time. Here we go again.


East coast of Tasmania

Small shxck in Tasmania

 Fynd the face?

Friday, March 1, 2013


In Tasmania I saw this helicopter which was remote controlled and it could lift a payload of a kilogram and the bloke flying it said there is a small plane that can lift 10 kilos. This says to me that I am on the right track about models being used as attack platforms, they even come with special goggles that puts the remote pilot in the seat of the model and it has a range of five kilometers. Cost for the lot is under five grand.
 This is another advanced warning from this web site!

Hi Im back from Tasmania...

I have to do that aboriginal thing you know Walkabout!
Amazing trip whish you were there.
Now on the trip I was slack and bought some of that spray on Australian made and grown olive oil in a spray can. Big mistake the propellant is? No you didn't guess it it is propane and butane yes believe it or not. Well I had massive stomach aches and was wondering why? Stomach ulcer started beading and in the panic I smashed my car. Propane and butane are good for powering cars not humans. Be warned this shit is sold at Coles and Woolworths and has the heart tick for good food. The heart tick is for sale to anyone who has the money to buy it. The Choise is yours. I will put some photos up in the coming posts.