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Friday, March 8, 2013

New life

I got a disturbing phone call tonight from Pam Txxxxx my wife she has been out of hospital for some time . She stated she is not coming back to live with me ever. Then she tries to tell me she still loves me I said that I am not interested any more. She has been in regular contact with Jim the drug dealer, Warren also a drug dealer who she went to live with last time she came out of hospital. Pamela told me later she had gone there. At the time I rang the hospital and they didn't know where she was. I demanded to know because they had lost her. I also told the hospital that I was taking special note for the coroner.
Some time after the call from Pamela tonight I rang Mirrabrook and spoke to Jamie from Mirrabrook Told to ring  42952546 spoke to Norbit at Eloura east then was told to rig 42952354 and spoke to Laura at mental health rehab. I got a bit irate as they have lost her again. I said to get someone out of bed to find her. I then said I was ringing the police and Laura said that was a good idea then I rang and spoke to Nowra police who are going to look into the matter.
Whats wrong with you people what is a Courtesy phone call to let the husband know his wife is leaving hospital..
She was on one occasion given the wrong drugs.
Your organization abducted Pamela on a previous occasion and was listed as a missing person then to be found at your hospital a week later.
You are incompetent and irresponsible and dangerous to patients and there families alike.
Your doctors treat people with a lie "Chemical imbalance in the brain" There is no such thing. You and every hospital in the world have never cured a patient of mental illness.
Your organization has now the full responsibility for Pamela's mental and physical safety as I now release all rights for this to you.
Yours angrily and pissed off,
Stewart Sxxxx

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