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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

So you think you are insured

I paid my premiums like every one else and I falsely expected that I would be covered. Not in a million years are you and I going to be covered and for what. Lets go threw some terminology of the insurance industry.
Cover This is a word that means many things to the insured. Like if I loose everything I will get some money to replace it. No you wont for example that big flat screen tv you bought and it cost $8.000 the same thing to buy today is worth say $1000 yours is old so they depreciate it 10% per year. You have had it for 10 years now worth nothing.
Claim. This is something you never do or mention to an insurance company. What this will do is claim your health and your sanity this is really what a claim is, it claims you and the insurance company wants blood. YOURS, before they give any of your money back to you.
Life insurance is also fraught with dangers one being you are more valuable dead than alive, If you die of a terminal ill you get nothing. When you are dead you are terminally ill you died and you are not around to collect, What a farce.
I own a Honda civic and for the last year not one has ever been stolen according to the police statistics. But Holden Commodore heaps stolen with massive premiums after the first theft.
Do I need to say more, If you want to know what other words mean to an insurance company please drop a comment and I will give you the real definition.

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