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Monday, April 15, 2013

Insurance fraud continued

Insurance is used for an unforeseen major financial loss. It doesn't matter how the loss occurs fire flood bankruptcy what ever.
I  would like to ask a question.
Why were the houses that were taken by the banks not covered by the peoples insurance company is this not a unforeseen financial loss and a major one at that.
Seems to me that these companies got off free with out a hit at all.
In the last year I have been hit with two floods and both times I was not present but my premiums have gone from $300 to $800 per year and the excess has gone from three hundred to $1000,00.
Who got hurt only the little people and this seems to be a way of life for us. The internet is providing a voice for these people me included.
What is the good of working and having it all taken in the blink of an eye by the unscrupulous ones.
Lets not play the game any more opt out for freedom with small homes with no debt and ones that can be built in weeks not months out of non burnable materials ones that withstand tornadoes floods and the like .Ones that are easily and cheaply heated and cooled. Houses that are not connected to the electricity grid ones that supply you with water ones that have built in sewage systems.
I am talking about homes that protect there owners that are not worthy enough to steal from because there is nothing of resalable value but are worth there weight in gold to there owners.
This is sustainability housing that doe's not impinge on the land and destroy water quality air quality and visual quality. These houses are doable but we must get away from the millionaire attitude and total greed.
Little people can do this and the ones that will suffer are the greedy ones with all the money who dictate what the little people do.
Did you know that at the start of the second world war that Hitlers tank drivers had a Luger stuck in there ear and were asked are you now going to drive that tank. Is this what is happening today, work or you lose everything?
They are sending out an assessor again to inspect the damage to my property in Nowra after I have cleaned up the mess because the rats were moving in and the risk of illness is real. Here we go again.
Did you know that insurance only covers you for $1000.00 for building materials. My house is $30,000.00 of building materials the rest is labor. I will find out shortly how they duck and weave this one.

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