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Monday, November 4, 2013

Recycle should we.

Lets be honest with our selves!
What are you prepared to recycle?
This image used in its various forms is used a lot, Note that its a wheel and it goes arround and the more it goes arround the better it is.
Lets think, what do I not want to recycle?
 Cancer dirty air pollutants yet these to are to name a few are going to be recycled weather we like it or not.
Lets put it another form in the following case in black and white.
Same logo same stuff to recycle.
Yet we do not recycle love with a catchy symbol it is more like war with the never ending death that follows. War zones are recycled especially if the is oil involved.

Even the oil companies know where the stuff ends up and they tell you in a supple way in the oceans!
I think this one come from Better Petrol (BP)
Here is one for you how are we going to recycle the space junk?

Food for thought

No thanks but the conditions are changing.

These are not my logos they are someone else's work the story's mine.
And yours.

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