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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Just another day

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Silly old fart!

I stayed at this swanky resort called Sanctuary Cove Resort where the upper crust go to play. On arrival this codger opened the door and waited some time before I was to go into the building. As I was walking threw I says keeping the door open and you are letting the mosquitoes in. Then came the words of wisdom from my son "Silly old fart he gets paid to open the door". Now if I was to have been paid for every time I opened the door for a lady or not so lady I would have owned this plush palace.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Rabbit proof fence also known as wild dog fence

What is beauty in death?

Rabbit proof fence

This fence stretches across Australia and stops the rabbits going north from the fence. Rabbits do a huge amount of damage to the environment here in Australia. There was a movie called the "rabbit proof fence. " Below is a photo of the fence up in the mountains west of Brisbane.

I followed it for a bit the other day but was stopped by a tree and wet ground. There was some amazing scenery in this area. There was a Mountain Larry that had fallen from its nest at Queen Mary Falls and I checked it out. It had words with me and we came to an agreement, I wouldn't put my fingers in its beak and it would bite me.  It was placed in a basket and put out at feeding time at a kiosk.
About a dozen birds of the same species flew down and helped the baby bird from the ground and it flew some hundred meters to safety of its family. Note the tree to the left of the sign it has a jumper on for winter now these are real greenies.
Want to see more let me know.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

mental issues

As a child I was treated pretty well. On one occasion I was caught being unruly by a police officer and was kicked in the bum. This not only hurt it left a mental scar on my psyche. To this day I remember that kick and will take the memory to my grave.
Yes I have been psychologically damaged for life, This mental illness I have is called for want of a better word  RESPECT 
I know that a lot of the current generation will never have this illness and I wonder why?
Can a member of juvenile justice in Australia comment on as to why this is so.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Why do I write a blog

Why do I write a blog?
The answer is simple!
Because I can.
Why do you read this blog?
Again the answer is simple
You are not satisfied with main stream media.
Then the other answer is simple.
Because you can unlike other countries in the world you can't..

Below is the stats of this blog and this proves the why. My social life has about four people in it, I do not know 135 people! But you know me, thanks guys for reading.

United States
United Kingdom
South Korea

Why the war on terrorism is failing.

The game that is played by the big boys of the world is failing.
It is because of this question!
Is there social and economic out casts and the answer is yes and this is the problem.
I went to a dance the other night, I loved dancing but I will never go again. Why?
The tables were set up in a social and economic order and the ones at my table were the same as me.
Socially not right.
Not by there standards, we at my table were the winners of life and the games that play.
I was being judged and I did not like it.
I thus have drawn back into the silence of solitude and the wonders of life.
Others might think I will get those bastards and with draw into a life of bomb making.
Yes my computer might crash because of key words and key strokes but this is the truth. I might also add that by reading this you also may become a target of the war on terrorism by the powers that be.
Will we ever learn?
Such is life.

Love thy enemy as it says in the bible.

My aboriginal mate told me about money and how it works and it is easy. If on your death bed and you can make a last will and testomy leaving all your money and goods down to your underpants to your worst enemy and then tell your family, all of them. Now this person you left the money will never have any joy from this great gesture of yours as he will definitely looking over his shoulder for the rest of his life. Watching and waiting for the next attack from your loved ones. This will continue till the day he dies.

Now that's having the last laugh and he wont be able to get back at you Ever.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Tired of rubbish

 I got up this morning and made this from scrap The yellow one is one of those pieces of stuff you do not write about with its flat tyres and falling apart at the seams..