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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Dating sites

I have put myself out there on internet dating sites for over a year now.
The results have been amazing with hook ups and meetings. I can count them on one hand well no I don't even need a hand cause the final count is ZERO.
What do they want the handsome body builder type with no brains (I got that description from lady whom I know) Her words "good bodies but you need to cut the head off as its no good"
So where does this leave me slightly over weight short and a great head for conversation. out in the cold.
I suppose I get to keep all my money and the things it buys for myself.
I am not complaining in fact I like my own company but the question is what do they really want?
The actor or musician who spends all there life with an image to keep up, watching the publicity on the news. How boring.
Its funny all the ladies like walking on the beach and I go there all hours of the day or night fishing or photographing and guess what no ladies.
I think the world is deluded into some sort of mind void, all at home captured by the walls that surround them.
I have even given up dancing with women because of the rejection and dance alone on the dance floor and rarely get any takers.
I am just a regular guy with normal looks doing normal things.
I give up on the idea of finding a partner and of being let down.
I sometimes go to the pub very rarely and all these lonely blokes sitting around drinking by themselves.
This begs the question:- where are all the available women or have they turned gay?

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