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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Human Genes

Some of the genes are there to take one from this life to the next ( the death gene if you like) and some are to take one to the near universe that is running along side this one.
If they continue into this research combining two universes is a double edged sword.

Some of us have seen and spoken and will be seen as mentally insane. I am writing what I have been told because if I were to have seen this then my safety would be in jeopardy.
Getting back to this death gene a person can switch this on when they have had enough. Yes one can wish there own demise and it will happen.
I have the wish to be here in at least 50 years from now. Being here after all ones family are gone would be a bit sad..
Playing with the building blocks of life is a good thing and also a bad thing as death is a great leveler.

Scientists must think as to where they want to be judged in the after life and this is something one must be personally responsible for.

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