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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

It's gone

Its gone the worlds largest didgeridoo was blown up today.
this is the post of a previous time.
This is the base of the largest chimney in the southern hemisphere.

This image is looking up the chimney from the base.

This is taken from hill 60 which is about two miles away.  The two story building to the left is Port Kembla primary school and was abandoned because of air borne pollutants.
The factory was a copper smelter. Pollutants from the chimney were dispersed for miles around this site. The predominant winds were from the north east,  there was cancer cluster to the south west at a high school when the plant was in operation. What sort of council or government allows this to happen. That means a  ? should be asked and answer given to the ?
You can see it here

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