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Monday, July 21, 2014

I am learning more about the courts

Most courts world wide are admiralty courts and the thing is to keep away from them as you will pay .It doesn't matter the final outcome you will pay!
Now why would I say such a thing well it because you are salvage and anything that is salvaged is put in a warehouse where it is kept indefinitely.  That why when you are convicted you go to the warehouse JAIL and are kept until they don't want you anymore.
Now some of the terminology.
Just look at bank booklets and the terminology the customer is YOU and YOUR
the bank is US and OUR. Did you ever wonder why?
Do your own research and find out for yourself.
I am not here to hold your hand all the way, besides if you research you will understand....
I am not for sale...writer for sale I will say anything you like dont think so piss off.

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