Saturday, December 6, 2014

An open letter to my granddaughter.

An open letter to my granddaughter. I am sorry for the corporate take over of our lives the stealing of our homes and family life for the elite, the chem trails and the pollution that may stop you from having children. I am sorry for the apathy of the people at large I owe corporations nothing and they can expect nothing not a cent for they do nothing and give nothing.. When I was a child the air was clean and the voices were soft and heart felt feelings were felt by all. Smiles were given and received with joy. Today it is give give and give some more. I am going threw a new stage in my life I need to experience the joy of receiving not for any other reason but just to experience the joy that it is to receive. I was so lucky to be invited into a home for a party just last Thursday and to receive was such a rewarding experience and I thank you Dory....Nuff said..... Have a great life not just a merry Christmas as some do not get to experience it. Love to all Stewart

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