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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

as time heals

If you had said to me a month ago that water was a pain killer I would have disputed this but not now. Drinking water removes the pain from my head.
Time is healing and so are good people as I found out by having a newly meet lady and her friend stay at my house. She has been dusted up badly by people she associates with but yet her appealing nature has left an incredible mark on me. Her presence has been a healing drug if you like for a better word with out serious side effects except for emotional feeling I now have for her. Could this be the after effects of the operation which I have been told can leave one emotionally drained but I think not.
I must say thank you to all the nurses doctors and others who helped me in the neurology ward at Wollongong hospital.
The staples have been removed the scar is disappearing.
My dog slept at my side except for the night the lady stayed and she choose to sleep on the floor next to her, she now continues to be my shadow.
Friends have been ringing and turning up I am so blessed...I will try to write some more tomorrow.

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