Wednesday, September 23, 2015

shanty house living

When I was young at the age of 9 we moved from the bush of Dorrigo to the steel town of Wollongong. I was 9 at the time and made friends with the shanty people who lived on the site of Old Bulli mine. These people treated me well and they had many stories to tell. They had nothing but each other which is probably more than I have these days.
The buildings were made from what ever was at hand, The mine used 2"x 2" timber for erecting stopping for air flow. These were the main construction materials and corrugated iron bratice were used for the walls. The older houses were iron because they were renovated as time went on. Fires were lit at night for heating and cooking, these were coal started with timber wedges another product used in the mines.  The beds were sacks that the horse feed came in and were strung between pit props fashioned using bow saws also supplied by the mine bales of hay were used as floor coverings. These people had no health care or any money as they were too proud to ask for help. People say to me what if,I loose everything. Who cares because if I have nothing I just might be better off. Things more than three own you as I learnt many years later from Buddhist teachings.
I have over the years not had money in excess but just enough and not wanting the stuff because money creates problems. I have a friend who has lost all his savings by lending it to family members and finally now has none to speak of and he said if feels better because there is zero stress and he said he is glad.
So to all the people who work at removing money from your wallet when you get older you too will experience this and have all that you have worked for taken away from you by the next generation and let me also inform you they will be worse than they are today.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Alan Michael Blow OAM QC (born 3 December 1949) is an Australian judge who is the current Chief Justice of Tasmania.
After graduating from the University of Sydney with Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws degrees, he practised as a barrister in civil litigation, criminal and family law, before being appointed as a judge of the Supreme Court of Tasmania in 2000.[1] He has also for a long while lectured in Supreme Court Advocacy at the University of Tasmania's Centre for Legal Studies, teaching postgraduate legal practice students.
On 8 April 2013, Blow was appointed Chief Justice of Tasmania, replacing Ewan Crawford who had reached the mandatory retirement age of 72
Hey chief justice what happened to this law or have you fotgotton about it.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Paint brushes

Never wash a wet paint brush in the dishwasher IT DOES NOT WORK. (I know)

Monday, September 7, 2015

I am concerned that Australia is going to be baught into war.So I wrote to the Governor General.

I am concerned that the prime minister has a mild case of Thought disorder (TD) or formal thought disorder (FTD) refers to disorganized thinking as evidenced by disorganized speech.[1] Specific thought disorders include derailment, poverty of speech, tangentiality, illogicality, perseveration, neologism, and thought blocking.[1]

Psychiatrists consider formal thought disorder as being one of two types of disordered thinking, with the other type being delusions. The latter involves "content" while the former involves "form". Although the term "thought disorder" can refer to either type, in common parlance it refers most often to a disorder of thought "form" also known as formal thought disorder.[citation needed]

Eugen Bleuler, who named schizophrenia, held that thought disorder was its defining characteristic.[2] However, formal thought disorder is not unique to schizophrenia or psychosis. It is often a symptom of mania, and less often it can be present in other mental disorders such as depression.[1] Clanging or echolalia may be present in Tourette syndrome.[3] Patients with a clouded consciousness, like that found in delirium, also have a formal thought disorder.[4]

However, there is a clinical difference between these two groups. Those with schizophrenia or psychosis are less likely to demonstrate awareness or concern about the disordered thinking.[5] Clayton and Winokur have suggested that this results from a fundamental inability to use the same type of Aristotelian logic as others.[6] On the other hand, patients with a clouded consciousness, referred to as "organic" patients, usually do demonstrate awareness and concern, and complain about being "confused" or "unable to think straight"; Clayton and Winokur suggest that this is because their thought disorder results, instead, from various cognitive deficits.
The information provided came from Wiki and I believe the prime minister is going to plunge Australia into war.
As you sir are the governor general and have the power to stop this you would also be held responsible for not acting to stop it. I hope you do some thing about it. Concerned Australian Stewart.