Monday, October 26, 2015

Life "Things have changed and yet they have not."

"Things have changed and yet they have not."
Slavery is ripe and well in the western world with the have and the have nots. Greed is rife along with deception and lies.
2015 years ago they spoke of such things and the destruction of society,They have it drugs corporate crime and a genuine lack of feelings. When one hugs one's own grand daughter it feels like a crime because of the teachings of the media circus some thing is definitely wrong.
As a father and grand father the feelings of loneliness are compounded by the feelings of being inadequate. I know my children love me and so does my grand daughter but these feeling are real to me.
I see the dregs of life come to me and speak of murder and how they did it and to see the hollow people looking for something.
Yes I attract murderers knife wielding people who have done real goal time.
I would rather talk to a car sales man than a politician, doctors, council office employee,CEO,welfare officer. and a lot of others I have left out.As you at least know the car salesman is going to rip you off. The rest just lie and you can never know where you really stand or end up.
I grew up in a time where things were fixed things like stove washing machines and even marriages.
Ahhh yes they had these things 2015 years ago, lies murderers politicians and others, It really does not matter seventy odd years and its all over, The murderer gets the same as a saint,And God lives on...

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