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Monday, February 29, 2016

This shows an intersection in Quinns Lane in Nowra,stop sign and no unbroken stop line. The police car was down the road further than the ute when it videoed my car. The camera could not even see the stop sign let alone my car stopping.Great revenue for the corporate government of NSW. $319 thank you

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Revolting people

Electricity prices going up.
We need more competition so we will regulate another 20 electrical retailers and at the top of these new corporations will be a 8 million dollar man. This will certainly bring down prices. Some years ago I had a friend who carried coal and things were tough these was no money left in it. One truck turned over $500,000 a year so he decided to get another truck and another and he had a fleet of 8 trucks bringing in $4.000.000. Things went bad and the bank foreclosed and he wondered why. Do people not see that you can only milk a cow so many times and it dies. I had a small truck and took in more money than the fleet of trucks, why because I did the sums. I am now doing the sums and what I see for the future is bleak very bleak. You can only get so much blood out of a stone as Jesus found out before it turns to water. Now I must say politicians and lawyers are not the brightest bunch of apples on the tree. Only slightly under council workers who think that they are Jesus's brother in law. now where is this going.......That's right electricity prices. Look there is only so much blood in a stone and one boats catch of fish can feed the multitudes but even this story had its end. Now that brings us back to prices and when you take everything and leave nothing for the slaves they will revolt. Revolting people are just not nice and you with all the money and wealth are setting yourselves to be targets of the revolting people. Very revolting people.


When I was a boy we helped each other and did it for free. Didn't matter if is was people or animals it just happened. Today you have to be in the right organization registered by the government. The only charities was the red cross and the gould league of bird lovers. Why is there so many charities with professional people at the top on millions of dollars a year. Why do the politicians sell off our assets and then these people increase the price on everything. I know its wages going up. So let me ask you this, When was the last time you got a pay rise?  I know the super councils will not ask for a rate rise for TWO YEARS and then they will get only 21% increase how good is the state government. I recons this is the only planet in the universe that you have to pay to live on . They make contracts by using JOINDER, If you phone a corporation then you are in contract with them and you have to wait for the privilege, things get better. Police are engineers Computers are administrative courts and condemn you by using a number and a code. Yes means no and no means yes. Members of the clergy tell you how to run your family and seduce your children. Persons are corporations the same as men and women yet it is men and women that give these corporations power. How does a piece of paper hanging on a wall have the ability to command? Gods plants are illegal. I even heard a prime minister say "If we keep using solar energy the sun will go out" I know I am just being pedantic. Ha the sun going out. I did engineering and was told by a 16 year old girl just out of school my trade is not valid. I will tell you that to walk on the street you are going to have to pay. Then there is the breath tax breath out carbon and there is the tax just waiting for you. I saw with my own eyes council workers planting a steel tree. Don't laugh its true.Why do we not smile why are the children fatter than there perents. In fact why are the mothers better looking than there daughters? Hey hang me out to dry if you like but do your own research before you condemn me.