Sunday, March 27, 2016

A story of love.

This is a true story of love between a pieces and a Scorpio one a rat and the other a tiger. The female is the rat and the Scorpio. This is between a man and a woman of 56 and  the man 66. They meet on a dance floor in a brief encounter of the eyes. The deal is struck in the blink of an eye. Cupid and his stupid arrows fired at close range with deadly accuracy. Definitely no chance of escape. Both have been hurt in the past badly. Both are going to fight of this thing called love off, in there dreams.
Those two meet and enjoyed each others company for a couple of days over the next weeks falling into the trap of love.
They have made there minds up friends only,
 I can only talk from the mans perspective cause I am he. Sworn off women and love. the drought has been over six years. This is a sinch I got it all planned never again
Short phone call wont hurt will it?
Not on your Nelly....The next bit was written at the time.
Its 1 am and just got off the internet after doing some research time for sleep and normally it comes easily. Head hits the pillow and the eyes spring open. Then the scary bit and I mean scary.
Laying here in pain body vibrating between life and who knows where,  Mussels aching head aching to the point of end. Life seems to be slipping away nerves are being smashed to pieces. I am being dissolved. Life seems to be taken away from me. ( This is pain more intense than a heamatoma which experienced a year ago which needed brain surgery)
I have only pain of all types acting on me at once. Emotions mucking with my head. I rang lifeline and they hung up on me I do not want to die alone. Every part of my being is affected. This is shit of the finest quality amazing stuff that one can not think of or even imagine. I do not want to die and I do not want to go on..........................Blacked out......................woke up and the computer screen is on. I had used it and didn't know..My mind is blank and the feelings of numbness is over me, Its like I am going to sleep and I am awake, sleep might take me and allow my body to heal but from what.
This is a sequal of a time before may years ago and just getting married having sex and the pain flowing over my brain like water pored onto dry concrete. There is a fine line between pleasure and pain and I crossed it.
What does one do this love thing hurts, I did not ask for it but it came to me. I was minding my own mind then crash its there a total train wreck and me in the middle. I'm just a selfish bastard thinking of my self what about the poor lady.
Hey stop laughing its not funny. There has been no sex yet now that might be another story......
I do love her even though it bloody well hurts.

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