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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

I have to say thank you Origin Energy

As some of you have read my power was turned off by an energy company,Thats fine. I have found I sleep better of a night even though the NBN (phone connection company) power supply is giving off four beeps every 4 minutes due to no power. The thing is there is a quite feeling fallen over my house. My energy has risen to a point of being active again. Yes I still have problems of my making and now I am looking into those. I have no radio or TV but I do have internet when I turn it on(my choise). I am not affected by blackouts. Some time back I started building a gypsy van and it is covered by iron sheeting fully insulated with wood stove and led lights. I do not use it but it is my house insurance.
Now that is another story which I will mention it here. Got my car insurance and to my surprise if the car is not insured I am not covered what every that means,Police can ticket you give it to state debt recovery and the Roads and maritime cancel your registration and then you get booked for being unregistered and uninsured, Now that's a great scam done right here in Australia. This is another scam perpetrated on the people of Australia by our American owned corporate Australian Parliament.

Some time back I renovated my kitchen and went to bottled gas for cooking and I installed solar hot water on the roof so I was part the way to being self sufficient so when the power was cut off I got out the camping led lights and solar panel. If you renovate I would sugest rewiring you house with a second lighting system running off 12 volts which you can do yourself legally as against lawfully. Check out those two words on blacks law dictionary you will be surprised.

Small invertors can be used to run small appliances such as phone charging and razors and radios.

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