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Monday, April 25, 2016

Some just do not get it.

Some of you know my electricity has been turned off by the power company and are wondering how I am coping.
Let me explain it is not the end of the world, yes it has taken some adjustments on my part with having to do things for myself. I have become more independent and free in many ways. I am reading more and my mind is opening to new experiences. I spend less time by myself and I am eating less but of a better quality food. My son just rang he is worried I may not be looking after myself so let me assure you all and my son I am doing fine.
I go to bed earlier and get up earlier I exercise more and I sleep better knowing I have less to worry about.
I have tomatoes growing at my back door with schlots I am not sure of the spelling but those onion things. For breakfast I will be having a omelet with 2 eggs on a rice biscuit and a Cup of tea. Maybe peppermint tea. I go out to the club and have a plate of salad for five dollars and fifty cents. I know that is decedent as some would live on that for a week. It is all relivant to where one lives in the world.
The photo below was taken at Huskisson two weeks ago when my son was with me. Thats him in the middle of the photo.

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