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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Some things

Life has been good to me but some things I find I can not have. The really neat thing I really would give up everything for would be love. Lasting love the kind you read about in books. But I am afraid it eludes me and teases me to the point of becoming a hermit. Just the other week I meet an amazing lady and her time is taken up with other things that are more important than what I could ever be. I say that with compassion because just some times life throws a curve ball that just annihilates you to the tipping point in this life. Then there is some things that will never be. To all those ladies and men who have families that are bringing them up alone I salute you.  To all those children you should be so proud that someone takes the time to love and cherish you the only way a mother or father ever could.
So with that said I will have to be selfish and just get along with my lonesome life. Smiling all the way.

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