Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Being conned

Want to see how you are being lead by the nose on Facebook go to notifications then back to home with your arrow keys. Bounce back and forward with arrow keys and a new page is put there. Keep doing it. Good way to view Facebook. HAHAHAHA
Do a search on Google say Syria news, Then do Syria tourist destination. See how we are conned.


  1. Both Facebook and Google are for-profit companies. They exist to make money, not to give users free entertainment or free information.

    So, is it really a con?

    Or is it a con for people to expect these services for nothing?

    I heard a good line just a day or two ago from...hmmm... I think the person was a neuropsychiatrist. "Anything with an infinite scroll is a mind-f#ck." These companies and the university programs they support spend a lot of money to understand how to make their products "sticky" so we keep using them.

    Is up to the consumer to decide to participate or not.

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