Monday, December 19, 2016

Sitting here in pain body vibrating between life and who knows where,  Mussels aching head aching to the point of end. Life seems to be slipping away nerves are being smashed to pieces. Life seems to be taken away from me. I have only pain of all types acting on me at once. Emotions mucking with my head. I rang lifeline and they hung up on me I do not want to die alone. Every part of my being is affected. This is shit of the finest quality amazing stuff that one can not think of or even imagine. I do not want to die and I do not want to go on...........................My mind is blank and the feelings of numbness is over me,Its like i am going to sleep and I am awake sleep might take me and alow my body to heal.
The above was written some time ago and was never published, Things are bought back like on Sunday you know god,s day.  The day that God has set aside for christians. Yes I was broken into again with the loss of an estimated $5000 gone. The wealth gained by this hippocrite  would yield them $100.
The toll being placed on People is severe, Lets legalise drugs and let big pharmaceutical do the deals at a lower cost and thus reducing crime and stress on the community.

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