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Sunday, June 18, 2017


The trouble is people have all these thoughts that turn them into low achievers.
I believe that reading and adding knowledge to my brain can and will change my life.
I am great full for what I have and what is given to me I can read misspelt words with ease I also have the ability to read life decisions just the same.
I also like to write words backwards and see if they have a dictionary meaning thus the heading word.
How cool is that it comes to me because of having Dyslexia.
Raef is a word and has a meaning and here it is

1-the art of being able to excel in almost everything simply by being yourself. Note that it spells "fear" backwards. 
2- an intelligent and hot Italian guy  
1- girl-"have you revised for that maths test?"  
boy-"why? I'm a Raef" 
2- Raefs are supercooel and hard to find

How good is that just like me.

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