Wednesday, August 23, 2017

lets have laws we cn live with

You know "thou shall not kill" "do unto others" not these woeful Laws of "fines and discontentment."
Lets have real marriages with love between a man and a woman.
Trouble is no one is comitted to anything any more.
Greed rules lies become truth hate is the word of the day every day.

I make suggestions with no personal gain what so ever, I am ridiculed for this. I claim to be a professor of quackery but I must admit I do do research on many subjects. The thing that I have noticed in my years is all things I have studied are all related in some way. art has drawing engineering has drawing signwriting has drawing electrical has drawing. Electrical has current flow just like plumbing water flow and they in electrical use water as examples,
Crashes have time lines so do people and Facebook.

Nothing is unrelated humans and the oceans and the sky. Pollutants affect everyone and everything. We are even polluting the stratosphere around the planet.

Wars are endless and the history is about to repeat it's self with civil war in some cities in America.

I have seen the best of times from the horse and cart to the space exploration and the worst of fighting an killing all over the world.

It makes one feel sad.

Tomorrow is another day and the right to persecute of happiness is still allowed.

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