Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sounds of silence

Went on a Sydney harbour cruse Elvis meets the Beatles. sitting near the front next to the stage I was a target they got me up to be George Harrison dressed me up in wig jacket and guitar, the joke was on them because I can read lips from years of practice. My girlfriend cheered and shouted and a great night was had with so many new friends.
  Last night my girlfriend put my name down to do karaoke duo with her.  Simple yer I'll do it. Sounded good and then it was my turn we then started with Johnny Cashes  "Jackson"
We got married in a fever hotter than a pepper sprout etc great chorus then the words on the screen green blue and pink with a light grey background.  Colour wash and the tricks of dyslexia AHHHHHHHHHH "just needed text allowed"
What the heck could not read or sing struck in silence and no where to go. Hate it when a woman gets one back for drenching her with water on a causeway,  then turning her into a human yoyo on a small suspension bridge.
Practical jokes have prickles on them sometimes.
Love her she is wracked worse than me. Still laughing next day.

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