Thursday, March 25, 2010

More photos of river distruction.

Going back and photographing you get to see the differences and to know what is happening. The water has fallen and you see the erosion on the banks in the first photo.
 The second photo shows the piles of wood that have been burnt releasing hundred tons of co2 to the atmosphere. You will also note they the soft woods have burnt and the gums are left behind, this is because they take longer to dry out. So much for the government departments saying there was only willows dozed out. They didn't even go and have a look and if they did they didn't know what they were looking at. Maybe money talks.
The third photo shows that there was wildlife there as this is a freshly dug wombat's burrow.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Automotive murder

I looks at the News and sees that four people died in a cars smash in Canberra,and the passenger in that car that ran the red light is still alive. Remember that the car was doing over two hundred klm /hour. This being the case then the joker who was driving the car followed by the police was probably on bail for some other Indictable offense. (felony in the USA)

Now if this being the case,

 I would advise the relatives of the car that got smashed into to take out a summons to have the person who let this joker out of prison or out on bail be charged with aid and abet with the murder of there family members. The person you look at would probably be a magistrate as the police wanted him behind bars and didn't get there way. Now if you get a goal term and do one third of the sentence you can be let out on good behavior early. Now if this was also the case then again, I would have the persons who let him out charged with aid and abet the murder of those family members. The sheila who was in the car with this joker I would have her charged with aid and abet with the murder of those family members as well if she lives.
The trouble is that the police do not have any credibility or authority as they are undermined by slack magistrates and councilors who feel sorry for these jokers. Well I feel sorry for the families of the dead ones who get a life time sentence for doing nothing wrong. I also feel for the families of the perpetrator's of these crimes.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


On the 14/11/09 I was building a stove and had trouble with it smoking and not drawing,With some modifications it is working great so here is the final posting on the stove. The photo above shows the fire alight note the large timber in the fire.
This shows the smoke coming from the stack.  

this photo shows the stove in full flight with a good fire in its belly, the wood was damp.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

natures revenge

Land clearing with a buldoser
Well its been a while and the results are in and it amazes me what nature can do.Weeds and more weeds. Deadley night shade is plofirating by the millions.
Willows are reestablishing them selves. The poor old red gums are gone.
I have compared these photos with the previous ones and it appears there is about twenty feet of the bank gone.
I guess the photos will speak for them selves.

Monday, March 1, 2010

This may or may not have happened

I do not want to be locked up for spilling the beans about Australia's national security so this may be fiction and maybe its not just maybe.
I was at the rubbish tip and found some government documents labeled as classified top security so as any good honest bloke would do I read them. To my surprise the were talking about watering the west of the country in the most dramatical way. It involved the largest infrastructure since the second world war. They are going to acquire land, and there will be no way anyone will complain as they are going to introduce legislation, to sort the problem and if any one goes against it they will be jailed as a traitor. This is real heavy the proposal is to flood the inland sea with sea water and to do this they will dig a canal to lake Eyre in South Australia and this will have the positive effect of lowering the sea level all over the world. It is to be done as a green project and the canal will produce hydro electricity with the tide fluctuations. The result is to lower the temperature of the surrounding lands as the winds pick up the water and green the desert. It will be argued that they are putting the sea back where it belongs. As I stated in one of my previous blogs about the iron ore being taken from the Australian continental plate and this floating higher and the result is earth quakes of the type as never seen before, they intend to sink the continental plate with the weight of the sea water ..Sounds logical to me.