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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Oil spill

1/ The riser from the oil well is to be cut off by any means possible leaving an open pipe.
2/ A plug is to be made in copper with a wall thickness of about 20 thou wall thickness with hydraulic hoses attached. Multiple "O" ring seals are to be placed on the outside diameter so when the plug is inflated with about 6,000 hydraulic pressure will make a seal on the well riser pipe This plug is to have a steel pipe through the centre with a valve on the end that protrudes from the hole.
3/ The pressure should be enough to distort the riser pipe stopping the plug from being expelled  when the plug valve is shut.
4/ The well hole above the plug can then be grouted with pollyisocinate
Simple yes but putting it into practice no as I understand the problems of working in extremely difficult circumstances using robotic equipment under water.
So there it is free of charge for the oil barons to make them selves look good.
Cheers Stewart Strik
Diver, miner, engineer, strata control, imagineer, and ex petroleum worker.
Doing this for the pelicans

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