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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

ant- catipiller

Back in the 1980s I was helping a preschool by repairing tricycles that were averaging about 2000 kilometers a week. This was worked out by measuring the length of the track and the time it took to go round it once this was multiplied by the number of minutes and hours per day they were used and the number five for the days of the week. I arranged for a Caterpillar to be made and it was there for years and the kids loved it. It was then removed and taken away and cut in half and became an ant. The ladder used to go over and come back to the same position as the ants tail it had twelve legs.  It was removed from its new location as an ant and was never seen again.  Until today when I saw it on a web site, I emailed the owner of the site and was told it was probably the one I had made. One of the colour schemes was with the eyes painted red with black pupils and red veins in the whites it looked drunk. The body was always yellow with black legs. So here it is thanks to the apprentice boilermakers at the Wollongong Technical College for making it.Thanks to the unknown photographer for the image.

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