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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

This is what you get when you have an ignorant prime minister

Whatever happened to “Charity begins at Home”?

Disgraceful - Gillard & Gov - shame on you!

I see our beloved Prime Minister in all her generosity is going to, wait for it, give a $25,000 interest free loan to those unfortunate AUSTRALIAN CITIZENS affected by the floods in Queensland plus, wait for it, a whole $1,000 for every affected adult & $400 for every child of said family.  Oh we are not worthy!! 
Is this act of unrivalled generosity towards her fellow Aussies supposed to make me all warm and fuzzy???   Well, the fact any of these poor unfortunate souls is getting a little help makes me feel glad for them, for they deserve every cent, but when compared to what our gracious leader shell’s-out abroad, well it fucking stinks of mean spirited pettifogging, and tells volumes of her respect for those over whom she governs.
Have a go at what this self-centred egocentric WOMAN has given away to other countries - this is OUR money mind you, pissed up against the wall when we can’t get waiting times down on hospital beds, infrastructure built to service our mineral exports, a better road system, or any decent flood relief to our own citizens
Look where YOUR MONEY is being spent:

Gillard pledges $500M to Indonesia for Islamic schools – YES $500,000,000 !!!!!

Gillard promises $160M to Vietnam for new bridge.

Gillard offers $45M to aid Indonesia for climate change.

send it on …

“The only true wilderness Is between the ears of a Green and the inside of the head of the Australian prime minister”

Come on Pauline Hanson step up to the plate again.

MHO Overseas Aid is one of the best ways for politicians to funnel money into their own bank accounts this often takes the form of a kickback...Thats probably why they are so keen on it

After all if anybody audits it later you can aways say it was misappropriated by the recipients...Just like a big charity .OPPS  I shouldn't have said that... Grin

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