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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Western Australia fires

Massive destruction has happened in Western Australia around Perth. Fires and high temperature have made good conditions for fires and this is what has happened. The media is consumed with the floods in Queensland and the same I guess happened in the Tennessee floods in the U.S.last year as we heard nothing of this. The media have a lot to answer for with there paranoia. All we here about 24/7 is floods at this time. We hear in Australia about the shootings and the death of a small child but in America, then you have the bill of rights and you believe in the carrying of arms then you wonder why! Well if people can not behave themselves then they must loose the privilege. More damage has happened in Shrelankia than Qld. and we hear nothing of this. There is a lot of bad things happening around the world and our thoughts go out to all these people.

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