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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

ANSTO or AAEC call it what you like


Well I here in the news by a whistle blower that safety is a problem at ANSTO at Lucas Heights. What's new, here is a photo of a cartoon drawn by one of the workers at ANSTO when it was the AAEC. Things haven't changed  just look at the reactor in the image The extension cord and the sparks coming from the computer and this is from the elite of Australian technology. Or is this just the coffee shop at the canteen? Now I personally haven't worked at the above places but when I was working with my old mate from the UTS in Sydney some of the engineers from ANSTO came in and told of harrowing stories and things to come. This is why when I saw this cartoon at the rubbish tip, that I was to have it for this blog and this moment in time. IT'S AMAZING HOW MUCH TRUTH IS SAID IN JEST......I dont know who the artist is or who the person is in the cartoon. What I do know of is that the waste from the reactor is in holes drilled into sandstone.....

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