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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Parasites in medicine

Psychiatrists believe that they can change the way people think with large amounts of Psychotic drugs and long term incarceration in mental institutions they can even add some electric shock as well. Little do they know that such persons are able to evaluate the situation and change there ways to get what they want through manipulation of the Psychiatrist. If the answer is black on red they change through teaching that the answer is black on red and now they are on the right track to freedom. The patients talk to each other and tell new comers if they want to get out agree and freedom is sooner than later. There is an old saying "A person changed against there will is of the same opinion still" and how true are those words. Then they talk about patients having thoughts of grand delusions. I was told this once after going to a company seminar and was in an exercise was made the boss in roll playing, the other employees said they would rather deal with the real boss than me, grand delusions? They come in all forms and are started by simple mind games. The trouble is when someone has power over someone else and then there self importance kicks in and then they suffer from grand delusions as in the case of psychiarists. Years ago my I suffered at the hands of a child professor lets call him say Brent Waters. Well Brent was charging 130 dollars a visit when the wage was 80 dollars a week, I had to find this money every month and in the end I asked for a written report and everything that I had suggested was written into that report as being the best way to deal with the situation. What a load of parasitic hogwash I never did go back to that charlatan Brent again. Mental illness is best treated with hard physical work to the point of exhaustion. Its that simple. So now I can be called professor Iggle see how it works. All names are fictitious and if any names that may be real then it is just a coincidence.

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