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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Internet warning

Some unscrupulious people are putting material on the net with subliminal content and this is a dangerous practice and must be stopped imediately. be warned and watch what you and your children watch and download.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Engineering in Australia

I had some problems with the power at my house,I got hit with an electrical current. My son checked out the house and in ten minutes found that there was no earth stake and he said that I was lucky to be alive.
At the moment there is twenty volts on the earth wire where there should be none zero zit.
I have just had a air conditioner installed by Climax Air Conditioning these are people  have ticketed and licenced  electricians with Department of Fair Trading.
Fair Trading Licence trades people in New South Wales and are corrupt in there dealings...And the process of obtaining a licence is dubious.

Delusions of Grandure or phycopic episodes in Australia

Tall popies are cut down in there prime (great Australian pastime) There will never be people in Australia that will rise above there station while these types of thinking are arround. If you were to try to do so you would be charged with grand delusions and pumped full of pills by the mental health system. I had a mate who sold contraceptions to America and was jailed for seven years. Why you might ask? 29 million people here 10 million female half sexually active thats 5 million times $40 per month for the pill and times that by twelve months now thats a lot of money thats about 2 billion.Just a pitance that has been given away to foriegn countries. If you think you are more important than the American president (which I am ) then you have delusions of grandure and can be medicated for this. Watch out all Americans because everyone of you personally think you are better and more important than you president.. Think for a moment now..!!!!!! Who runs this country Doctors and our female prime minister, I would never say anything sexist about a woman prime minister, but she is just a arsehole.

Why men snore

During the cave men days when the saber tooth tiger roamed the earth. Men had to snore so the tigers thought the cave was full of tigers and the real tigers went away. So women now need to complain about this because of there is no tigers.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Wild flowers five minutes from my home

 Just coming into flower in the last few days. More will be written about these and wildeness land in the next few posts. Sorry for the quality of the photos as blogger is playing up.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Experiments with fractal sniffing

After doing this for about ten minutes my mind is sore like if I have been on a long walk and all my mussles are sore. To show how it is done here is a photo of my  friend Graham Thomas doing it.
Graham and myself are evolutionary psychocoligists and Graham  is shown in the below photo doing fractal sniffing on my laptop.

fractal sniffing

Go look up and play a fractal movie and put your node about an inch away from the screen.Go to Do so at your own risk...