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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Insurance policies

Did you know that it is something like 90% of insurance policies never get claimed on. I have a insurance policy that covers landlords and the income. I asked about claiming massive damage done to one of my properties that the tenant did. Guess what I am not covered for damage done by a tenant even if the tenant burns the house down. The fences have been destroyed the shed has had the wall torn down and used for fire wood. All this timber was treated 150x 200x 500 blocks that was stacked and screwed like bricks all gone and not replaceable. Total damage bill in excess of thirty thousand dollars. I worked hard for what I have and to have the grandson of a friend of thirty years destroy it all. This was to be my retirement fund. Ducks in the bathroom bath tub and a dozen cats. The mould has destroyed the house from the inside. Then to top it off told to get off my own property.
Then there is the drug crop in the back yard and as a landlord I have been put in the position of supplying a place to cultivate and sell drugs with its jail term and the confiscation of all my property as product of crime.
I see here in this area where I live on average one house every two months gets burnt down at a huge cost to the community. All threw drug suppliers burning out the opposition. I will sell my properties and spend the money if I can cause there probably is a law against that too.

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