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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Home Insurance

What are you covered for? Well not much it seams, It would be easier to tell you what you are covered for, But they are keeping that to themselves and if you try to read the policy you will be in for a shock.
Terms like we do not cover xxxx and yyyyy but if there is a local event we might cover something. They determine weather there is a local event!
If you fail to tell them something like the date or Mrs Jones cat has fleas they wont pay, because pets ain't covered at that time or date.
If it was tomorrow they will cover it but today they wont cover it.
The examples they will cover are so remote from reality they would stop the claim cause you are stretching the meaning of the policy and so are not covered on this day.
What are you covered for I don't know as to make a claim one would have to be creative and not to stretch the imagination to far. For even stretching the imagination could cancel the policy and they have the right to do this at any time so it seams. No don't expect a refund of your policy as it has run its time on cancellation.
Insurance fraudulent claims. This is interesting as you can be charged with making a false claim with penal charges laid against you. Then your policy is terminated as well.
Good luck with your next claim.
I will still be trying to word my claim so as not to void the policy and the claim go threw.
I think I will get a solicitor to do it for me.
Don't have a policy that's OK put a claim in anyway you will probably have more success and they wont cancel your policy as you don't have one.

Cheers Iggle

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