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Monday, January 9, 2012

Making an insurance claim

I would strongly advise anyone making an insurance claim to get in contact with there solicitor as one word out of place will void the policy. Insurance policies have a section dealing with legal fees and you can also make this part of the claim and you will be covered. So use the policy as it is worded. The higher the claim the tougher it gets. Your own words can be and will be used against you. That is why they record all dealings with the public, You know that little voice before you get connected "Your call may be monitored and recorded for training purposes". Then you are put threw to a person. Sound familiar...


  1. Auto insurance florida is like gambling. Submitting a claim on your home or auto policy is pretty simple. It usually involves contacting your agent, filling out a claim form and waiting for an adjuster to look over the damage.

  2. I agree putting in a claim is simple and a gamble but getting it threw is something else. I don't have a insurance broker or agent who by my definitions anyways work for themselves. Even the solicitor works for themselves not me as it is there best interests to blue on. But if you know the law and how it works you have a better chance of getting a fair result for all. Thank you Tom for your comment.