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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Just another day

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Silly old fart!

I stayed at this swanky resort called Sanctuary Cove Resort where the upper crust go to play. On arrival this codger opened the door and waited some time before I was to go into the building. As I was walking threw I says keeping the door open and you are letting the mosquitoes in. Then came the words of wisdom from my son "Silly old fart he gets paid to open the door". Now if I was to have been paid for every time I opened the door for a lady or not so lady I would have owned this plush palace.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Rabbit proof fence also known as wild dog fence

What is beauty in death?

Rabbit proof fence

This fence stretches across Australia and stops the rabbits going north from the fence. Rabbits do a huge amount of damage to the environment here in Australia. There was a movie called the "rabbit proof fence. " Below is a photo of the fence up in the mountains west of Brisbane.

I followed it for a bit the other day but was stopped by a tree and wet ground. There was some amazing scenery in this area. There was a Mountain Larry that had fallen from its nest at Queen Mary Falls and I checked it out. It had words with me and we came to an agreement, I wouldn't put my fingers in its beak and it would bite me.  It was placed in a basket and put out at feeding time at a kiosk.
About a dozen birds of the same species flew down and helped the baby bird from the ground and it flew some hundred meters to safety of its family. Note the tree to the left of the sign it has a jumper on for winter now these are real greenies.
Want to see more let me know.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

mental issues

As a child I was treated pretty well. On one occasion I was caught being unruly by a police officer and was kicked in the bum. This not only hurt it left a mental scar on my psyche. To this day I remember that kick and will take the memory to my grave.
Yes I have been psychologically damaged for life, This mental illness I have is called for want of a better word  RESPECT 
I know that a lot of the current generation will never have this illness and I wonder why?
Can a member of juvenile justice in Australia comment on as to why this is so.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Why do I write a blog

Why do I write a blog?
The answer is simple!
Because I can.
Why do you read this blog?
Again the answer is simple
You are not satisfied with main stream media.
Then the other answer is simple.
Because you can unlike other countries in the world you can't..

Below is the stats of this blog and this proves the why. My social life has about four people in it, I do not know 135 people! But you know me, thanks guys for reading.

United States
United Kingdom
South Korea

Why the war on terrorism is failing.

The game that is played by the big boys of the world is failing.
It is because of this question!
Is there social and economic out casts and the answer is yes and this is the problem.
I went to a dance the other night, I loved dancing but I will never go again. Why?
The tables were set up in a social and economic order and the ones at my table were the same as me.
Socially not right.
Not by there standards, we at my table were the winners of life and the games that play.
I was being judged and I did not like it.
I thus have drawn back into the silence of solitude and the wonders of life.
Others might think I will get those bastards and with draw into a life of bomb making.
Yes my computer might crash because of key words and key strokes but this is the truth. I might also add that by reading this you also may become a target of the war on terrorism by the powers that be.
Will we ever learn?
Such is life.

Love thy enemy as it says in the bible.

My aboriginal mate told me about money and how it works and it is easy. If on your death bed and you can make a last will and testomy leaving all your money and goods down to your underpants to your worst enemy and then tell your family, all of them. Now this person you left the money will never have any joy from this great gesture of yours as he will definitely looking over his shoulder for the rest of his life. Watching and waiting for the next attack from your loved ones. This will continue till the day he dies.

Now that's having the last laugh and he wont be able to get back at you Ever.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Tired of rubbish

 I got up this morning and made this from scrap The yellow one is one of those pieces of stuff you do not write about with its flat tyres and falling apart at the seams..

Friday, November 29, 2013

Why are Austrilians buying America

The USA is for sale and Americans are not stepping up to the plate.
If you live anywhere in the world the land in some states of the USA is at levels with great returns. Texas is the state to look at if you are interested.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Town planning and building departments

We look to our civic leaders for direction and support.
They put the laws and bi laws in place to protect us from harm and ourselves.
Well what have been the results.

This is just one and shows the problem dramatically and we accept this as the normal or you may like this.

This could be any city in the world after severe storms.
If Sydney Australia was hit with a severe weather system the results would be the same.
The housing industry needs  to be looked world wide with the structures they build being able to stand up to severe winds and rain.
Now we come to planning and development for our new buildings we build the same after fire or flood.
Building for such events is easy and it needs a change in the process.
 In Wollongong (the city of innervation) my proposals were knocked back because they were too radicle.  Yes radicle steel minute frame and concrete partially underground.
In severe weather our homes do not stand a chance.
Our civic leaders have failed us and so have our governments.
The scene above will happen again as we found our in Nowra a year ago but we were lucky when a hurricane hit but it missed the suburbs. 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Recycle should we.

Lets be honest with our selves!
What are you prepared to recycle?
This image used in its various forms is used a lot, Note that its a wheel and it goes arround and the more it goes arround the better it is.
Lets think, what do I not want to recycle?
 Cancer dirty air pollutants yet these to are to name a few are going to be recycled weather we like it or not.
Lets put it another form in the following case in black and white.
Same logo same stuff to recycle.
Yet we do not recycle love with a catchy symbol it is more like war with the never ending death that follows. War zones are recycled especially if the is oil involved.

Even the oil companies know where the stuff ends up and they tell you in a supple way in the oceans!
I think this one come from Better Petrol (BP)
Here is one for you how are we going to recycle the space junk?

Food for thought

No thanks but the conditions are changing.

These are not my logos they are someone else's work the story's mine.
And yours.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Carbon and carbon tax

Humans are responsible for the carbon in the atmosphere but not by the way politicians and most people are lead to believe and think. They used to think the world was flat and some still do.
Deforestation and desertification are the trouble, Yes the worlds deserts are growing at an alarming rate.
Its not the animals they have been there for years in large herds like the American buffalo and thrived.
Then what is the problem well its small herds in small paddocks and the ground does not recover.
More carbon is released to the atmosphere every year by this means than any other.
Clear felling trees is a crime against humanity so is small paddocks and large herds in these paddocks.
I see where herds of sheep are in large paddocks feeding off the stubble after harvest with no shade.

If I were to leave my dog in the back yard with out shelter I would be fined and may be even locked up. The question is why is it different for sheep. To debunk popular belief sheep do not have a brain and they are intelligent. If they get out of a paddock they don't go back and tell the others they go in and out of the paddock for days even weeks. They know if they all go out then the hole in the fence will be fixed and none of them will get the good grass.

So lets have some serious discussions on carbon and carbon taxes and not let the politicians get away with another tax to pay more increases in government regulations and bureaucracy.

Found on the beach

This thing is four foot high and four foot diameter. Not bad for a days picking.

mal web

 Mal was at the kangaroo valley folk festival

Monday, October 28, 2013

First trip with the gypsy wagon

 This was taken at the kangaroo valley folk festival
 This is the hampton bridge in the valley
 Solar lighs work a treat at night.

 This shows the shadow from one of the solar lights on the roof it looks like a kookaburra just before an attack.
Yes we do have gypsy caravans in Australia the red one is forty years old.

Some times

 These photos are from a wave driven power station which was destroyed by the sea just after being set up. Some times just some times things don't work. This was the first to be made in Australia. The containers on the deck are 20 footers.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fire season again

It is amazing that after the last years fires people want to build the same type and use the same materials to rebuild there houses . Bloody idiots. Build underground or with concrete now if you dont take this advise put 6ft high steel fences around your MC Mansion and these will at least slow the fire storm and redirect the heat away. Then grow only grass behind and cut it two inches tall. The fence must go all the way to the ground to stop the fire burning under. Install a water tank and pump and sprinklers and use this to wet the area behind the fence and the fence, Then just as the fire arrives start the pump.
Get rid of the gutters to catch the leaves and rain water and catch the water on the dished foot paths that will surround the building and deposit the water in underground water tanks.
Simple isn't it.

• Clean out the gutters
• Cut long grass
• Trim low trees and bushes around the house
• Be aware of water sources
• Move winter wood supplies away from the house
• Check through your fire plan
• Identify a safe place to shelter if you are caught in a fire (this could be a neighbour’s house)
• Talk to your neighbours about their plans.
I can bet you no one takes this advise.
There is another solution build on a trailer and take the house away from the fire.

Make sure you take photos of your house before the fire arrives as the insurance company might decline your claim because you never had a house there before the fires. Take photos every six months for proof of condition and put them on the internet in an email to yourself. Yes I know as I was caught like this.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Some days are diamonds ( sounds like a song)

I am so lucky to have friends and family as these things are the true diamonds of life.
If I were to tell of the failures in life there would be a book not just any book but an encyclopedia of the failures.
I am talking of the ones of my making the experiments that went wrong.
Why do I mention such things well its the way that Abraham Lincoln did such things with the many failures and the paying back of debt that he had when he went bankrupt. What a story.
I have been playing too conservatively to loose and this stunts my own growth and many of my readers growth. (Keep reading I like you there.)
My mate had a opal mine at the Ridge and got rid of it, just recently and a million dollar opal was found. The question is was it from his undug mine that he sold.  Now that would be a loss hard to bear.
Life goes on.
Are you still there or have you just found your diamond?

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I like this boat

I have started building this in a small scale as I have had the plans for many years now. I was given a sail board and have removed the plastic skin and have a foam core to shape the model from. The model will be 16.5" long with a beam of 4". I have an electric motor from a robot vacuum cleaner and its batteries for the drive system. The propeller will be a three blade job 1" diameter.

Monday, September 16, 2013

For the young generally

If you can read and write and can do maths and go to school and you don't like school.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

You didnt know!

At school I was unable to read or do mathamatics, because of dyslexia. I did not know I had a problem.
I just could not read.
When doing maths I would for example write 2+2= 4. not like this but like this 2+4=2 and wondered why I got lousy marks. I was flogged by the teacher for being insulant on many occasions I was to become a loner and would avoid people and was shy as a result.
I am observant and even this year I notice the bush fires are slippery as for a better word because the oil content in the material is at it's best for burning with black smoke and a different smell.
I never in my whole school time read a book and had a "Tale of two cities" for my school certificate English test. I was lucky the movie came out on TV just before the exam.
I did over half a year read half of a book called Robin hood and to this day have never finished the book.
I had a good memory for what I wanted to do.
I did engineering and worked in this field all my life in one form or another.
Then just before computers came on the scene I had an accident and lost short term memory, this was devastating as I had to do things with long term memory.
I drove trucks and was able to get on with my life.
Ask me to fill out a prearranged form and I am stuffed as I try to preempt the questions and get it all wrong, I look like a complete idiot.
Then came computers with Text aloud and a moving curser what a relief. My first ever book was
Rex Roberts Engineered house.  It was a classic and one I would recommend to anyone.
I have been lucky in my working life as I took on extremely dangerous jobs and was successful at them. Diving was one that I didn't master as I could not grasp the concepts of dive time and decompression but learnt first hand what happens when I got it wrong.
I was finally laid off work after the accident in the coal mine then having to fill out forms and screwing that up and not turning up for the employment company's time as I was working and was no good with phones. I was finally breached and had my money taken from me and was close to bankruptsy and was placed on a pension and put out to pasture.
My marriage crashed and I had to bring up my youngest son alone.
But you know I am happy now wheeling and dealing with real money making a small amount just to keep my mind happy.
I did buy two shops and two houses and lost most of the value to floods in two years. I am still so lucky with my lot in life and would have it no other way.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Some time ago I wrote about climate change and space junk.

Here is another one for you to ponder.

Gravity changes on a daily basis and is not constant as some scientists would have you think and believe.

Gravity does change and the proof is in the oceans and the tides. If gravity was constant then there would be no tides.  Then there is the super tides when the planets align.

Some will say that the earths gravity has to be the same and this would be the case if it were only the earth but this isn't, so there is planets and the moon reacting with the earth all the time. It can not be any other way.

One thing we can be certain of is there will be change. This goes for all things including light and its speed!!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Seen in court

I was in attendance at the most bazaar hearing I have ever seen. It was an apprehended violence order (AVO) bought about by the police attending a domestic situation.
The lady knocked a cup of coffee out of her partners hand intentionally ( this being an act of assault ) and the partner in a split second clouted her doing no physical damage. The Partner ran his own case to defend himself.
He was so polite as was his partner saying thank you to all his questions. In questioning the person in need of protection. The lady also was extremely polite.
The hearing lasted a day and the defendant was charged and the AVO was granted and he asked for a section10 which the court allowed which has no recording or costs.
Then the most surprising thing happened he thanked the magistrate for being fair and reasonable.
It did not end there he also approached the police prosecutor who was prosecuting him and thanked him and shook his hand, also for doing his job with out favor and with such vigor.
This is a definitely true story. Professor Iggle 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Carbon and carbon taxes

Many years ago the world leaders reckoned the earth was flat.
Today the world leaders reckon there is more carbon than there was in the days of Jesus.
So the existence of a carbon tax.
As we all know history repeats its self and the world leaders were proved wrong that the earth is not flat.
The world leaders have got it wrong again there is the same amount of carbon on the planet as there was when Jesus was a boy so why the carbon tax?

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Talking to a brick wall

I had the insurance assessor out this week and got all the paperwork finalized I thought. This was after putting in a police report for the the goods that they took five months ago. Then came the phone calls from companies wanting to know what type capacity and the like. I spent a day doing just that going threw what type and pricing using the internet and all I had to do was sit back and get my claim done, not on your Nelly. Just like talking to a brick wall except that the brick wall would have more good things to say. All I can say is PHUCKet.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Thursday, July 4, 2013

I have been a critic of lots of things

I have changed my thoughts and will not comment on world news or crimes. This is a loosing battle and I give it over to others who have more experiences than I do.
I am now going to spread the news of love and health for all. Good food and making things of use, are now the way of my future.
I got lost in the bitterness of life. So now things change.  Cheers Iggle

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Who aided and abetted the murder of Jill Meagher. Who let the evil person out to rape and murder. It must not happen again. Charges must be laid against the person who signed the release papers as they aided and abetted in the murder and rape..Charges must be laid.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

magnetic house

I built this room on my house out of steel. It has gone magnetic with the pull of a very strong magnet. I think I hit the sweet spot and am wondering how I can capitalize on it. It has a 240volt led light in it and when it is switched off it glows brightly on for some time.It has never been hit with lightening like the verandah in Gundagai and has more steel in it. When I get time I will make a video of it s magnetic pull. The construction is all welded.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Spreading the word

It is not about religion it is about power and who has it. What we see today is similar to what Hitler did in the days before the war. Idiots with nothing getting attention for what ever they do and also getting a proverbial high from it. It is happening all round the world in more increasing numbers.
Yet small cars boats get little viewing in the media and are more rewarding than blowing something up, Well maybe not as I have done explosives in the past and it feels good to destroy something and get paid for it. People get a high from doing evil and evil needs to be delt with evil. For the crimes we see today need the death sentence to be introduced world wide, and the radicals may do it.  Maybe this could be a good thing as if we were all black or white and of the same religion then what would we fight and kill over then.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Global warming

On Q and A on ABC TV tonight Bill McKibben - American Environmentalist sad that there is 5% more water in the atmosphere than there was years ago. May be but there is 100% more metal in the stratosphere than there was years ago put there by the American's and Russians. This has nothing to do with global warming. Madness may be.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

No one left for the straight guys

Same sex marriage is in the headlines in Australia.
Then I read in a posting from America:-
A group of mostly Protestant and evangelical church leaders, representing churches with over 20 million members, are asking the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) National Council meeting this week to retain the current BSA stance on sexuality. The May 22-24 meeting will consider a proposal to prohibit “discrimination” based on “sexual orientation or preference,” while leaving in place the current prohibition on openly homosexual Scout leaders.
Back in my grandfathers day women were made to ride a horse side saddle as this could be make a woman to go off so to speak. Rules were usually made for a reason in those days. Can I marry my horse they might ask? Then there is female circumcision in some countries why? Because  there is not much to do and sexual activity had to be curbed and this was the way to do it. These things were done back in the times of Jesus and they didn't know any other way.
Then what will they ask  to marry next? 
 Is there is no one left for the straight guy.
Food for thought!!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

One working parent

Having two working parents was to get the TOYS for the family. Now it is a must to have both working to get buy. Reduce the debt and the insurances be it life or house one car as the wife can then do the child care from home, this is the way to make ends meet.
Equal rights for women what a load of bullshit, I like my women to be women, Dainty not a brickies laborer with foul mouth or a high flying executive with no feelings.
Women have lost there way and what they want.
It was great to come home to a home cooked dinner at the table, Now its fast food in front of the TV set watching repeats of American bullshit from the sixty's.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Building with timber

Have you ever sat and watched an open fire burn. Then you place another piece of 4x2 on the fire. watch where the fire starts at the corners and then the wood is slowly consumed. Taking advantage of this if the timber was round as in the raw so to speak it takes longer for the timber to start to burn. Why ? There is no hot spot on the round to start to burn as there is with milled square timber. The milled timber also has the saw cuts that produce corners for hot spots to form. In comparison the round with bark fully removed is smooth and there is no areas of hot spots to start to burn. If houses were built with this in mind there would be less tendency for them to burn down. Trees in the wild resist fast moving fires and if  the fire gets inside them the heat generated is reflected to the near by surfaces which then speeds up the process.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

De bunking the mith

Reducing overheads and De bunking the mith.

For those of you who are not business minded this is getting rid of unneeded bills.  Insurance is on of those bills and a large one at that, followed by water rates and electricity bills. I am talking from the position of being single so it is easier.
What does one really need to live in relative comfit.
Some where to keep dry and safe
some where to keep NEEDED items
Some where to cook a basic meal
some where to keep clean
Some where to relax
As you can see the list is not massive.
My mate has a place at Lightening Ridge and the temperatures rise and fall massively.
He had two sheds made from steel, with wooden floors from one of my demolition sites. The sheds were clad with roller doors and the frames from bed frames. Total cost in the hundreds, then there was two water tanks of one thousand liters each.
On one occasion we went for a walk during the day and got one hundred yards away and were forced to return to the safety and comfit of the sheds.
This was a halleluiah moment for me and  one I am sharing here with you.
The other halleluiah moment has been dealing with an insurance company and realizing my mistake carried over forty years.
Concrete and steel and aluminum windows are high in embodied energy they say.
Lets debunk this mith, wooden house insurance for forty years the cost to the environment to pay for this insurance in fuel to go to work child care wear and tare on the car, the insurance on the car all paid for in environmental dollars.
Concrete house with aluminum windows with steel reinforcing. Paid for once no painting and maintenance, fire proof water proof wind proof no insurance resistant to vandals it just won't go away.
We have not yet seen fully engineered houses made from light weight concrete. Rubbish can be imbedded into concrete along with paper polystyrene plastic. If you then cover the whole thing with dirt the energy consumption of the house goes down.
You will never see this type of building become the normal as the vested interests of the building industry and insurance companies will stop there construction.
What do the rich people live in?  Concrete! What are government buildings made from? Concrete!
What are the insurance company buildings made from? Concrete!What are malls and shops made of concrete!
Concrete houses are cheaper in the long run by far in environmental dollars, you will not need the child care and the working wife to live. Living is not going to work every day of your life leaving your unpaid insured house alone for who ever, who maybe wants and takes its contents.
You have a life to pursue happiness that's your constitutional right if you live in U.S.of A.
Look during the second world war there was a bomber that smashed into the Empire State Building and it never came down, Why? No explosives and you guessed it Concrete!

Not to worry

I see where the Cypress people have had all there money stolen by the banks to prop up a failing system. After losing everything to flood and then having the insurance company take all my tools in the name of replacing and repairing them in two weeks and returning them. I have given up on this ever happening. This is what I call legal thievery and will be more common in the years to come.

Sunday, May 12, 2013


Affirmations are things we ask for and ingrain into our brain.
I have one "everybody loves me everybody gives me money and good things in abundance"
Yes it works and maybe too good.
I was sitting in my lounge chair watching a bit of TV when I noticed some movement at my front fence. I stood up and this 12 year old aboriginal kid flung a fifty cent piece straight into the front window and smashing it and I was showered with fine glass shards the cooko' clock fell off the wall and smashed into pieces.
Be careful what you ask for as you might receive it in a way that you might not like.

Lets all contribute to our new country

Refugees coming to Australia could be made welcome if they did two things.
1/ Contribute a kidney to the commonwealth for kidney transplants.
2/ They go on the doner registry to donate all there body parts when they die or are killed in an accident.
I having worked all my life and have paid taxes and ended up with a broken body feel that these people could contribute to the system that they are going to benefit from.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Taken from the Federal bereau of investigation web page

House Stealing
The Latest Scam on the Block
What do you get when you combine two popular rackets these days—identity theft and mortgage fraud? A totally new kind of crime: house stealing.
Here’s how it generally works:
…The con artists start by picking out a house to steal—say, YOURS. 
…Next, they assume your identity—getting a hold of your name and personal information (easy enough to do off the Internet) and using that to create fake IDs, social security cards, etc. 
…Then, they go to an office supply store and purchase forms that transfer property. 
…After forging your signature and using the fake IDs, they file these deeds with the proper authorities, and lo and behold, your house is now THEIRS.*

There are some variations on this theme…
…Con artists look for a vacant house—say, a vacation home or rental property—and do a little research to find out who owns it. Then, they steal the owner’s identity, go through the same process of transferring the deed, put the empty house on the market, and pocket the profits. 
…Or, the fraudsters steal a house a family is still living in…find a buyer (someone, say, who is satisfied with a few online photos)…and sell the house without the family even knowing. In fact, the rightful owners continue right on paying the mortgage for a house they no longer own.

It can get even more complicated than this, as we learned in a recent case out of Los Angeles that we investigated with the IRS. Last year, a real estate business owner in southeast Los Angeles pled guilty to leading a scam that defrauded more than 100 homeowners and lenders out of some $12 million. She promised to help struggling homeowners pay their mortgages by refinancing their loans. Instead, she and her partners in crime used stolen identities or “straw buyers” (people who are paid for the illegal use of their personal information) to purchase these homes. They then pocketed the money they borrowed but never made any mortgage payments. In the process, the true owners lost the title to their homes and the banks were out the money they had loaned to fake buyers.
So how can prevent your house from getting stolen? Not easily, we’re sorry to say. The best you can do at this point is to stay vigilant. A few suggestions:
  • If you receive a payment book or information from a mortgage company that’s not yours, whether your name is on the envelope or not, don’t just throw it away. Open it, figure out what it says, and follow up with the company that sent it.
  • From time to time, it’s also a good idea to check all information pertaining to your house through your county’s deeds office. If you see any paperwork you don’t recognize or any signature that is not yours, look into it.
House-stealing is not too common at this point, but we’re keeping an eye out for any major cases or developing trends. Please contact us or your local police if you think you’ve been victimized.

Patient shopping

Yes that's right patient shopping. This is what happens here in Australia when you become a bit dottery. You know as you get older we all tend to slow down and sometimes forget things. If you go to hospital and have an an an-ascetic and are kept over night you are assessed and if you live alone then you become a target for the doctors with nursing homes to fill. You are deemed to be incapable of looking after yourself and are forced into a nursing home and your house is sold and you have no say. One of my friends had this happen and before his mum went into hospital he got her to sign a order giving him right to make decisions for his mother. They tried and her Power Of Attorney saved her and her house from being taken from her by the greedy ones. They would have owned her. Just another commodity to be bought and sold to make money for the greedy ones. It was unfortunate that I didn't get a power of attorney on my ex wife. They would have told me they were releasing her from hospital. The trouble with a power of attorney your family can do the same to you.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Reduce overheads

For those of you who are not business minded this is getting rid of unneeded bills.  Insurance is on of those bills and a large one at that, followed by water rates and electricity bills. I am talking from the position of being single so it is easier.
What does one really need to live in relative comfit.
Some where to keep dry and safe
some where to keep NEEDED items
Some where to cook a basic meal
some where to keep clean
Some where to relax
As you can see the list is not massive.
My mate has a place at Lightening Ridge and the temperatures rise and fall massively.
He had two sheds made from steel, with wooden floors from one of my demolition sites. The sheds were clad with roller doors and the frames from bed frames. Total cost in the hundreds, then there was two water tanks of one thousand liters each.
On one occasion we went for a walk during the day and got one hundred yards away and were forced to return to the safety and comfit of the sheds.
This was a halleluiah moment for me and  one I am sharing here with you.
The other halleluiah moment has been dealing with an insurance company and realizing my mistake carried over forty years.
Concrete and steel and aluminum windows are high in embodied energy they say.
Lets debunk this mith, wooden house insurance for forty years the cost to the environment to pay for this insurance in fuel to go to work child care wear and tare on the car, the insurance on the car all paid for in environmental dollars.
Concrete house with aluminum windows with steel reinforcing. Paid for once no painting and maintenance, fire proof water proof wind proof no insurance resistant to vandals it just won't go away.
We have not yet seen fully engineered houses made from light weight concrete. Rubbish can be imbedded into concrete along with paper polystyrene plastic. If you then cover the whole thing with dirt the energy consumption of the house goes down.
You will never see this type of building become the normal as the vested interests of the building industry and insurance companies will stop there construction.
What do the rich people live in?  Concrete! What are government buildings made from? Concrete!
What are the insurance company buildings made from? Concrete!
Concrete houses are cheaper in the long run by far in environmental dollars, you will not need the child care and the working wife to live. Living is not going to work every day of your life leaving your unpaid insured house alone for who ever, who maybe wants and takes its contents.
You have a life to pursue happiness that's your constitutional right in the U.S.of A.
Look during the second world war there was a bomber that smashed into the Empire State Building and it never came down, Why? No explosives and you guessed it Concrete!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Whats the difference?

Whats the difference between a loan shark and an insurance company?
The insurance company breaks your legs after you give them money!!!!
Taken from

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Consumer rip off on a large scale

After the 2012 floods in Queensland we are hit with a levy for flood damage in Queensland by the federal government. I lost a house in the same year because of floods. I have to pay! My mate who didn't get flooded is now hit with flood levy on his insurance policy and then there is the NSW flood levy on top of this again. My premiums for another property in Gundagai has gone from $300 to $1920 and it sits high on a gently sloping hill (figure that one out). Yes the insurance industry does not pay the full payout required and then cry's poor and gets a government handout in the form of a levy to pay for the damage done. People who were killed do not get to claim!!!!
Lets give more money to overseas countries and to people who come here as aliens. Sorry invaders. I worked for the benefits that I get and I see others who come to this country get the same benefits and who haven't put a dime into the system and they get more than I do.
The system is going to collapse and I will end up with nothing and even my houses will be taken from me by this generous government. I will survive but a lot will not. The greedy top es halons will demand more before its all over.
My advise is to save cash for the times ahead.
The chances of your house burning down is one in a million or there abouts. My advise for insurance is to opt out as payments will be slimmer in the future.
If you own nothing the opt out of all insurance.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Quantam mechanics

Love is quantum entanglement at work. Quantum entanglement is as fickle as love. Opposites attract like as in magnets yet magnets can be made to switch on or off. Thus spooks are born as in bits either on or off at the same time. Like the contra rotating propellers of a Fairy Gannet aeroplane. This leads to artificial intelligence and stupidity at the same time. Intelligence is different in many ways like art and engineering and passions all at the same time. All giving different realities which are true and correct at the same time. By the time you read this reality has changed and so has my life.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Insurance fraud continued

Insurance is used for an unforeseen major financial loss. It doesn't matter how the loss occurs fire flood bankruptcy what ever.
I  would like to ask a question.
Why were the houses that were taken by the banks not covered by the peoples insurance company is this not a unforeseen financial loss and a major one at that.
Seems to me that these companies got off free with out a hit at all.
In the last year I have been hit with two floods and both times I was not present but my premiums have gone from $300 to $800 per year and the excess has gone from three hundred to $1000,00.
Who got hurt only the little people and this seems to be a way of life for us. The internet is providing a voice for these people me included.
What is the good of working and having it all taken in the blink of an eye by the unscrupulous ones.
Lets not play the game any more opt out for freedom with small homes with no debt and ones that can be built in weeks not months out of non burnable materials ones that withstand tornadoes floods and the like .Ones that are easily and cheaply heated and cooled. Houses that are not connected to the electricity grid ones that supply you with water ones that have built in sewage systems.
I am talking about homes that protect there owners that are not worthy enough to steal from because there is nothing of resalable value but are worth there weight in gold to there owners.
This is sustainability housing that doe's not impinge on the land and destroy water quality air quality and visual quality. These houses are doable but we must get away from the millionaire attitude and total greed.
Little people can do this and the ones that will suffer are the greedy ones with all the money who dictate what the little people do.
Did you know that at the start of the second world war that Hitlers tank drivers had a Luger stuck in there ear and were asked are you now going to drive that tank. Is this what is happening today, work or you lose everything?
They are sending out an assessor again to inspect the damage to my property in Nowra after I have cleaned up the mess because the rats were moving in and the risk of illness is real. Here we go again.
Did you know that insurance only covers you for $1000.00 for building materials. My house is $30,000.00 of building materials the rest is labor. I will find out shortly how they duck and weave this one.

Bridge to Tasmania

This is but a dream in some circles but could become a reality with optimistic thinking. Research is being done in this area in the states of NSW and Queensland but under the guise of fracking for gas which may wake a line of volcanoes across Australia  If the sea bed between Australia and the mainland Tasmania was cracked and a line of volcanoes were to be produced. Then a land bridge would allow for an inexpensive Highway. Is there anyone out there with dreams of grandeur to even think of such a thought.
 Yes I have been labeled with dreams of grandeur by some idiot with a failed doctors degree and who practices idiotic drugging. I would call this living in a fantasy world where everything is possible. Imagine land bridges between all the large masses of land and driving from Argentina to say London
Yes a land bridge to Tasmania!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Our Leaders,Liers

Australian politicians propose high speed rail. What a lot of hogwash. They might as well anounce a bridge to the moon with every one getting a free frisby. Or maybe a bridge to New Zealand  or even Tasmania. When they can not extend the rail line to Nowra and that only requires a bridge over the Shoalhaven. Forty years for fast rail when the earth is in its final throws according to the Jehovah Witnesses and others. They might as well garentee that children do not live in poverty, That's right they tried that lie with the normal results ,Failure.

Monday, April 8, 2013

The insurance

The due date has come and gone. I am two thousand dollars better off. The only insurance I am going to have is automobile insurance as this could break me and send one into bankruptcy because of a collision even if I was not at fault.
Think about it if the house ever burn down your life would be much easier with out the materials that clutter ones life. In Australia there is only about a dozen houses burn down because of internal issues each year.
If your house burns down with many others then the state helps along with charities and the like. Because I was insured the state did nothing the charities did nothing I was on my own and had to deal with a greedy insurance company. I see in America where people have lost there houses to the greedy banks and they were not covered by there insurance company, the loss was more than the same as they lost the land as well.
Where was your insurance company then you were paid up in full?
Given the fact that I can build a home be it small for under two thousand dollars why should I insure?
You don't need to be a rocket scientist to accomplish this just a hammer drills and a saw and an imagination and the will to do it.
Cheers Professor Iggle

Heard at the pub

Jock and Joe talking at the pub. Jock says I feel bloody terrible how do you feel Joe?
Joe says in return "I feel just like a new baby"
Jock then asks "how do you do that?"
Joe says "bloody easy bald on top no teeth and I've just shit myself!"
Sorry it really was me and my mate............

Sunday, April 7, 2013

"Such is life"

Flooded again this time the shed went under destroying all my tools and mowers. Being away at the time the water was left to stew with rust occupying the whole of the shed. The last couple of weeks has been spent removing the rubble and making a insurance claim. I have spoken of these in a previous posting.This is some thing I suggest you never do as your premiums will skyrocket.  Mine have gone to nearly $2000 so I will have to bear the brunt of future disasters.This is the thanks you get for your loyalty of over forty years. As Ned Kelly once said "such is life"
Who was I insured with, none other than the Kelly Brothers Bushrangers Insurance and Banking Company a subsidiarity of the We Take Your Superannuation Fund run by the Australian Government. Who also run the Highway Robbery Speed Camera Company.
Yes "such is life" and gone with Ned Kelly is the moral obligations of a society.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Raining soul

The time of pace is about to rise
To tear us from the earth
The blast is more than I can bear
The love is gone from us'

Help is not for us to have
But sorrow and of pain
Give me peace from dilemma
to rest from pain and sorrow

Talk of truth and harmony
A breath form rainbow strong
Please please have happiness
And a blissful life unfold.

Raining soul raining soul
Tears of the earth beyond
beauty has begone
Raining soul raining soul

Raining on my soul
pouring from my grief
Raining raining on my sorrow
Raining soul raining on my soul

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Breaking the law by government sponsored criminals

In Australia there is laws to protect the young from criminals. Abuse is happening on a grand scale with the illegal drugging of children under the age of 16. Even adults are being held against there will with court orders all being paid for by the taxpayers. This country is out of control. If you want to know more please go to for the full story.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

older women

Women in there late forties and older are just a stroke of beauty and a bundle of health. Being single again I being a man just happen to notice these things. Generally there daughters are unfit and overweight and the poor old mum has to do everything for them. Yes it is a sad fact that the younger generation is fat lazy and aggressive. If you are on the poorer side of the tracks it is even worse. Now this is a plea for these younger women to lift there game and get on the side of life. As for there mums who have pride in themselves you look great.
Professor Iggle

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sun roofs

Sun roofs can be dangerous in a crash. I have personally have seen the damage to the head of a person who was cut up severely by one tn a crash.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

So you think you are insured

I paid my premiums like every one else and I falsely expected that I would be covered. Not in a million years are you and I going to be covered and for what. Lets go threw some terminology of the insurance industry.
Cover This is a word that means many things to the insured. Like if I loose everything I will get some money to replace it. No you wont for example that big flat screen tv you bought and it cost $8.000 the same thing to buy today is worth say $1000 yours is old so they depreciate it 10% per year. You have had it for 10 years now worth nothing.
Claim. This is something you never do or mention to an insurance company. What this will do is claim your health and your sanity this is really what a claim is, it claims you and the insurance company wants blood. YOURS, before they give any of your money back to you.
Life insurance is also fraught with dangers one being you are more valuable dead than alive, If you die of a terminal ill you get nothing. When you are dead you are terminally ill you died and you are not around to collect, What a farce.
I own a Honda civic and for the last year not one has ever been stolen according to the police statistics. But Holden Commodore heaps stolen with massive premiums after the first theft.
Do I need to say more, If you want to know what other words mean to an insurance company please drop a comment and I will give you the real definition.

Friday, March 15, 2013

How to sort out the bimbos

I have this method to remove the time wasters and bimbos from my browsing for friends on dating sites, One woman wanted to learn something new and that got the old brain working. How do you communicate with someone on an intellectual level who wants to learn something new.. Translator .它不做它完善,并且某一事在翻译丢失,但是它运作我amased在不会使用计算机寻找答复到问题tes它整理时间浪费者妇女的数量. See now you can use the translator button to read the middle of this blog.
The above before and after translation
It does not do it perfect and some thing is lost in the translation but it works I am amased at the number of women who do not know how to use a computer to look for answers to problems tes it sorts out the time wasters
When it has gone threw the process here is the result
It does not make it to improve, and some incident loses in the translation, but it will operate my amazed not to seek to answer that in the use of computer issue tes it will reorganize the quantity of time waster woman


I have been away again saving materials from a demolition site. Steel beams and heaps of wood some good lengths of 6"x5'' hard wood. Some of the beams are 5.5 meters long.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Amazing Tasmania

Taken from Australian government

Gun owners

If a politician was to be assassinated by a gun owner we would all know as a true gun owner would use a cricket bat. They would then ban cricket bats!
Baldwin of Balmain back in the 19 sixties was beaten up by an American with a base ball bat. Not to bright some Americans!

New life

I got a disturbing phone call tonight from Pam Txxxxx my wife she has been out of hospital for some time . She stated she is not coming back to live with me ever. Then she tries to tell me she still loves me I said that I am not interested any more. She has been in regular contact with Jim the drug dealer, Warren also a drug dealer who she went to live with last time she came out of hospital. Pamela told me later she had gone there. At the time I rang the hospital and they didn't know where she was. I demanded to know because they had lost her. I also told the hospital that I was taking special note for the coroner.
Some time after the call from Pamela tonight I rang Mirrabrook and spoke to Jamie from Mirrabrook Told to ring  42952546 spoke to Norbit at Eloura east then was told to rig 42952354 and spoke to Laura at mental health rehab. I got a bit irate as they have lost her again. I said to get someone out of bed to find her. I then said I was ringing the police and Laura said that was a good idea then I rang and spoke to Nowra police who are going to look into the matter.
Whats wrong with you people what is a Courtesy phone call to let the husband know his wife is leaving hospital..
She was on one occasion given the wrong drugs.
Your organization abducted Pamela on a previous occasion and was listed as a missing person then to be found at your hospital a week later.
You are incompetent and irresponsible and dangerous to patients and there families alike.
Your doctors treat people with a lie "Chemical imbalance in the brain" There is no such thing. You and every hospital in the world have never cured a patient of mental illness.
Your organization has now the full responsibility for Pamela's mental and physical safety as I now release all rights for this to you.
Yours angrily and pissed off,
Stewart Sxxxx

Now if any of you Chicky babes out there want a great lover drop me a comment best comment will be published with out names  Professor Iggle quack extraordinaire and eligible bachelor of the year..

Thursday, March 7, 2013

The new dsm

I got to thinking about the new diagnostic manual number five . If you live with people with mental illness then you become mentally ill. If this mental illness is contagious then the doctors who treat this illness must be mentally ill. If they have found a formula to stop mental illness then why do we not all enjoy the cure? I say to these mentally ill doctors of death stop practicing QUACKERY because you are sick.. Also I have not got any feed back about my open challenge on chemical imbalance in the brain. Or any challenge about me being a quack.The offer stands.

.Professor Iggle quack extraordinaire.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Here we go again

Whilst away fixing flood damaged house in Gundagai and then taking a break in Tasmania you will never guess what happened in Nowra at my house. "FLOOD" The rain came down and the creeks came up and a foot of water went threw my shed. The loss is immense with mig welder plasma cutter and remote submarine going a foot under water,not to mention all my hand tools in boxes. Then in the other shed there was new mowers edgers and whipper snipers,My engineering books model "O" guage train set and the like all receiving the same treatment. Most of my cordless tools were on the floor with cutoff grinding machine. The new cupboards holding the tools were of the kitchen type and the particle board is delaminating with the danger of the whole lot coming down on me. As Ned Kelly said "such is life" I say "bugger"
I am again insured with the same company as I was in Gundagai, How will they weasel out this time. Here we go again.


East coast of Tasmania

Small shxck in Tasmania

 Fynd the face?

Friday, March 1, 2013


In Tasmania I saw this helicopter which was remote controlled and it could lift a payload of a kilogram and the bloke flying it said there is a small plane that can lift 10 kilos. This says to me that I am on the right track about models being used as attack platforms, they even come with special goggles that puts the remote pilot in the seat of the model and it has a range of five kilometers. Cost for the lot is under five grand.
 This is another advanced warning from this web site!

Hi Im back from Tasmania...

I have to do that aboriginal thing you know Walkabout!
Amazing trip whish you were there.
Now on the trip I was slack and bought some of that spray on Australian made and grown olive oil in a spray can. Big mistake the propellant is? No you didn't guess it it is propane and butane yes believe it or not. Well I had massive stomach aches and was wondering why? Stomach ulcer started beading and in the panic I smashed my car. Propane and butane are good for powering cars not humans. Be warned this shit is sold at Coles and Woolworths and has the heart tick for good food. The heart tick is for sale to anyone who has the money to buy it. The Choise is yours. I will put some photos up in the coming posts.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

stealth fighter planes

I see a day when big countries will be beaten by stealth model planes laden with explosives that are gps controlled and the targets set into the computer and flown off. The targets will be selected from Google earth. I see where political assassinations will be done the same way. Corporate executives will also be targeted for doing the devils work and because of there greed. Greedy heads of governments will be targeted also, be warned you at the top are not immuned to the destruction that is to come. You may fair better but you will be hurt too.
Getting hit with cord-ex explosion doesn't matter if it comes at supersonic speeds or at 20mph the result is the same.
Model planes have crossed the Atlantic ocean and landed safely in England from America. Its not that far fetched to think your enemy will not think of this as well.
The most likely targets at first will be the war criminals who blew down the twin towers as these are the ones who benefit from there actions which caused the suffering of innocent people from both east and west. You started it and the small people will finish it with small fighter planes fitted with guns and explosives.
This plane would be a good start and a great platform for such an attack with out the pilot.
Scott Manning & C-GBDV Bede BD5-J Stinger @ CYBG 2005-DSC_0078

waste liquid from the built enviroment

If you are going to do your own sewage system there is things that you must know.
Never use the following terms.
Sewage is now LIQUID WASTE
Septic tank is now a HOLDING VESSEL
Anaerobic activity is now BIOLOGICAL REACTION
Toilet is now the COLLECTION VESSEL
Pipes are DEFUSES
Taps are VALVES
Bath tubs and showers are WASH DOWN AREAS
Bath rooms are WASH DOWN ROOMS
If you stick to our guns and are taken to court do not use there terms or refer to these new terms as being the same. We are talking about different things totally.
This is a news flash from the Back Yarders Association.
BYA is an association world wide that looks after DIY people. and is free to join. Just become a follower of this site.
Back yarders do it better.

Australians are subsidising this
What can I say?

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Breaking NEWS Julia Gillards former boyfriend

Craig Thompson has been arrested. I will not speculate about the prime minister and her term as prime minister. This is a job for the courts and the opposition in government.

Open Challenge

The Open challenge has not been taken up by anyone. Tell your psychiatrist about the challenge on a previous post and there will be free publicity for him or her. No one will take the bait. I didn't think I would get away with this with out a challenge or a comment so what I am saying must be truth. Failed student doctors doing an extra year at university are posing as specialists are medicating people for all the wrong reasons, with a returning clientele at $140.00 Australian plus on the medical health.. Yes there is mental health problems and they are getting worse but work, hard physical work is the way to treat such problems. As you read in a previous post these failed doctors are medicating themselves for anxiety before going to court so they look more believable. Peoples lives are made or broken by these drug effected people.
 Professor Iggle doctor extraordinaire. I even wrote to a dob in a quack website and dobbed myself in about being a Professor and they wouldn't react.
I have not had any training in this field so look up the information yourself.

Questionaire please fill out one in comments

Please do not spoil the fun. Hit forward, delete my answers and type in your answers.
Then send this to a whole bunch of people you know INCLUDING the person who sent it to you.
The theory is that you will learn a lot of little known facts about those whom you know.
Two names you go by:                                                              My answers
1.  Doc                                                                                         Iggle
 2. Alex                                                                                        Syd
 Two things you are wearing right now:
1.  A clean pair of dirty overalls                                                   Fluro shirt
 2.  warm sox                                                                               Blue trowsers

Two of your favourite things to do:
1.  bask in sunshine                                                                    lase around
2.   visit  the old country                                                              Read
Two things you want very badly at the moment:
1. a brandy                                                                                   Sex
 2.  with brandy chaser                                                                 More sex
Two people who will fill this out & send it back to you:
1.  Stewart                                                                                     Ray
2.  Andrew                                                                                     Joy
 Two things you did yesterday:
1. set up radiation experiment                               Made a two story steel stealth building
2. corrected student's draft                                                            Wrote in my blog
 Favourite foods:
1. pasta                                                                                         Oats
2.  olives                                                                                        Lamb crumbed cutlets
 Two people you last talked to:
1.  John Mc                                                                                    Ray
2.   Chris C                                                                                    Dawn
Two people you'd like to talk to:
1.  Roger                                                                                        The president of the USA
 2.  Andre                                                                                        The head of the Taliban
Two things you're doing tomorrow:
1.  clean the motorbike                                                                  Clean up
2.  proof read a paper                                                                    Write a post

Two Favorite beverages:
1.  coffee                                                                                            Tea
 2.  green tea                                                                                       Coffee but it don't like me.
Two people who are no longer alive & you'd like to talk to:  
1.  the glass blower                                                                            Alex
2.  the Philosopher Alan O                                                                 My Dad
This was sent to me by my old mate Alex whom I miss even to this day.

That questionnaire was sent to me by an old Civil Engineering friend. Through emails we keep in touch just as we do. I think it great to keep 'talking' to old friends. I have another in Canada who had to flee the country when his wife died of cancer - his mother-in-law was going to murder him and his two daughters.

I like your shed but are you sure it will withstand a gale. You must be hidden from the local council. Just make sure you do not upset any neighbors who could dob you.

I remember once when Eddy the Carpenter made a large pigeon loft as a foreign order. It was from scrap timber. I justified it as a job by calling it a remote instrumentation enclosure. See, just dream up a bull-shit title to cover your arse.

Everyone well here. I'm involved in an air cooling system using water. It is a bit different to your 'swampy' as it has a multi plastic plate heat exchanger so it does not pick up moisture to deliver inside.

The Physics people are playing with coatings (paints) that radiate heat back to space. I've made a small test box with aluminum on top over an expanded polystyrene box full of water. Over night it cools to a coke can to around 8 degrees, then water droplets form which stop more cooling. We have watched the cooling drop from 20 to 8 degrees in 10 minutes at 2:30 in the afternoon.

As for university Engineering it is in decline. It is full of Chinese imports who have no practical experience and cannot be understood in lectures - even the 'Honkanese' cannot understand them.