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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Australia the lawless society

There is problems down under from the highest echelons of government to the street sluts who attack an 86 year old lady's garbage bin put out for collection. Bloody hero's!
The top policeman in New South Wales resigned from his job and to top it off a couple of millionaires go hammer and tongs in a street brawl. All captured on film for the world to see.
So you want to come to Australia as a boat person I would think again. 
I live here an am under siege every night by young marauders who take control of the streets after school gets out.
Even trades people leave the area at 3 pm because of the lawlessness.
How can a society be responsible when the so called leaders on both sides of parliment have no morals. 
Even the most converted document in the land is a fraud. The Australian Constitution and this depends on which one you read,The American corporate one or the defunct English one. 
Then there is the monopoly corporation running the traffic system and has now taken over maritime duties as well.
I would even go as far to say the ACCC is corrupt when they allow monopolies to fine people with a picture for doing five kilometres over the speed that they set. 40 k/h around schools this seems to be a good cruising speed for paedophiles as trying to keep to this speed is near impossible as one has to watch the speedo..
Trial by jury is a thing of the past as to get this type of trial is not for the little people.
Yes I could go on and on but nuff said.  

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