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Monday, May 12, 2014

Did you know

 Lawyers are defined as Officers of the Court, which includes Public Defenders, for them to act on behalf of the Petitioner/Defendant under a power of attorney as a Trustee, then such a Trustee becomes liable for any and all offers and presentments by the Court, as the lawyer (Public Defender) is under contract as a Trustee for the Petitioner/Defendant. Such a lawyer now becomes liable, under contract, as the Petitioner/Defendant lacks such ability to accept such an offer or presentment under such conditions.
I believe this to be the case worldwide and if I am wrong please let me know.
My understanding is that there is a conflict of interest when a lawyer acts on your behalf. Are these lawyers members of the same association as the judges (Law Society)thus there is now a conflict of interest as well?

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