Friday, November 14, 2014

Uni Degree

The time to be pushed around has stopped.
I was always told to go out and get a head by my mother. I never really understood what she meant. Get ahead never thought that she meant it as one word. Yes a head a big one with lots of seeds.
Ahead is what she had in mind, It finally dawned on me so a trade was done and then the money rolled in for a short time until trade became obsolete. I was even told by young seventeen year old girl my trade was worthless so where to now? More training and diving became the new trade followed by the bends twice.
I then went into the mines as a lackey and found myself working in water up to my neck physically when the miner driver broke into old workings. Then being buried up to my shoulders under the underground bins and having to dig myself out left me with scars mental and physical. Even went into explosives for a bit of a bang.
Now broke body and mind with little to do my son says go to university an get a degree, done just the university of life and took up law. I have done just that constitutional law and cannon law.
Should have done this years ago, because I am having a ball. Part of law is commercial law or admiralty law which makes peoples slaves to the corporation.
Not being a bible basher but it all makes sense the years of bible study! One cannot be a slave to two masters. Being a slave to god and the state is an impossible task. That is what the masters want. This allows fear to take hold and you are under the control of the masters. Never was it meant for this to happen but it has even the pope had to make a new law because he could see things getting out of control and the people revolting. I must admit that some people are revolting even without a cause.
Now where is this leading I must admit I am not sure.
Yes it is about who is the people in power and I assure you it is the people and not the government as the government is only a glorified committee. Did you know that if you talk to your member of parliament and ask for something to be mentioned on the house floor of parliament that he-she must do it. The people’s WILL must be done. I have bought to the attention of the minister of energy a problem with smoke detector legislation. If an illegal energy company/retailer was to cut power from a residence then we have a problem.
Smoke detectors only beep when the mains power drops off they do not function as a detector.
This now brings us to litigation and whom to sue. Try suing a company remember it is just a piece of paper hanging on the wall in some office somewhere.
I personally will go after the humans not the paper.
Come to think the phone would go off and might even threaten the lives of the elderly. Have you ever tried to buy a phone without mains power like we had in the 1960’s? I have and could not find one. So let’s get the mark of the beast and wear it with pride.

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